Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Broncos Tebow: Looking Ahead to 2011

The Broncos are trying to figure out whether Kyle Orton or Brady Quinn will be the starting QB for Week 1 of the 2010 season. For next year, however, it seems pretty obvious:

"It will be a shock if Tebow is not the opening-day starter in 2011."

That is ESPN.com's Broncos specialist Bill Williamson, on Denver's long-term QB strategy.

However, I find the sentence before that one to be the most telling:

"The Broncos want Tebow to play as soon as he is ready."

I think that extends beyond starting as soon as he is ready -- as opposed to playing as soon as he is ready. By the way, starting could come as early as this season, which should surprise no one except the bearish draft "experts."

But playing could include Tebow's participation in short-yardage situations, whether that is an "and-short" down or something inside the 20-yard-line ("red zone") or 10-yard-line ("Tebow zone.")

Oh, I like that: Inside the 10-yard-line as "the Tebow Zone." At least as it relates to the Broncos offense in 2010.

All signs point to Josh McDaniels using Tim Tebow as soon as possible.

Now, that doesn't necessarily mean as a starting QB. But I would be shocked if that didn't include some snaps at QB, regularly, as early as Week 1.

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