Monday, June 7, 2010

Broncos Tebow: Coach Ben, via SI's King

SI's Peter King is in South Africa for the World Cup, but that doesn't stop him from filing his "MMQB" column this week with Tim Tebow as the lead item -- specifically about Josh McDaniels having his brother Ben as the Broncos' QB coach.

It is not an insignficant role, given the premium placed on Tebow's development this season.

Sounds like there will be a larger story in SI from King about the Broncos -- presumably, it centers around the future with Tebow -- but pay very very close attention to King's kicker at the end of the item:

"I have a feeling Tebow will get a real chance to win the job this year, and whether he wins or loses, he will have some red-zone and short-yardage chances. Early and often."

Again, this affirms what we've been saying around here. Tebow will get a ton of chances in critical (read: short-yardage and red-zone) situations. And by "early," I think that indicates that Tebow will get touches in Week 1 at Jacksonville. How could he not?

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