Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tebow Gear: NFL Draft Shirt

Well, that'll teach me. I spotted this shirt on various online sports-gear websites last week, but didn't post about it -- don't ask me why. I could have been first! Oh, well. Today, the shirt made its way to Rockin The Orange and Blue (nee Tebow's Eye Black) and the Denver Post's Broncos blog.

Oh, make no mistake: It's entirely garish. But it is a must-have for Tebowphiles precisely because of its garishness, not to mention as a commemoration of the draft. In 10 years, you'll be glad you have it -- not unlike the "2007 Heisman Trophy Winner" T-shirt that doesn't have Tebow's name. (Now that he's a pro, can we please get a shirt made up that includes his name next to that title?)

By the way, as long as we're noting Tebow T-shirts, there is a very interesting budget alternative to the $75 Broncos jersey -- the $26 jersey-style T-shirt:

Yes, I ordered both.


  1. As of 10 minutes ago, I ordered 3 of the Navy Tebow shirts!!!

  2. Don't sweat it Dan. You got an exclusive birthday wish for the ages...and all we got was a t-shirt!

  3. Y'all should check out these Tebow inspired tees as well at http://www.tebowgear.com I like the stiff arm one.

  4. The fabric feels good and the cut is very good. I like the team design - very tasteful. I am not embarrassed to go out in public with my husband while he is wearing this shirt. i would recommend devon and jones d500s