Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Salute: Pam Tebow

Apologies for being a few days' late on this, but the Denver Post's Lindsay Jones had a nice piece timed to Mother's Day about Tim Tebow's mom, Pam Tebow.

Money quote, from Tim:
For 25 years, she's pretty much put her life on hold for me and my siblings. She invested in our lives — we were her No. 1 priority, and nothing else really mattered. Now, she's getting to do a lot of things she loves to do too with the speaking and the writing and the traveling. She loves it, though I still don't think she loves it as much as she loved raising all her kids.
And here is the money quote from Pam:
We have to be intentional about the way we mother and parent. We have to have a plan and a target, a goal for them, an idea in mind of how you want them to end up.
I think it is really important to recognize that the insight above has nothing to do, explicitly, with home-schooling or anything specific to how Pam raised her kids; inclusively, it allows for the parent to do what they need to do, as long as you are being mindful (or "intentional") about it.

"An idea in mind of how you want them to end up": I know that is a huge focus for the way my wife and I are raising our two kids. There might be multiple paths -- and a whole lot of luck -- to get your kids to that goal, but parenting starts with the end goal.

Very personally, my wife and I as parents have specific goals in mind for our kids: That they be essentially joyful people, that they contribute meaningfully to society. There is a lot of room in there for how that manifests itself -- and how we get them there.

But we have a vision, not unlike Pam Tebow's own vision for raising her own kids.

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