Sunday, May 2, 2010

Broncos Tebow: McDaniels on Mini-Camp

"We've got a long way to go, but we think that if you put a guy with great work ethic together with some people that -- hopefully we know what we're talking about -- maybe we can make something pretty productive out of it."

-- Josh McDaniels, about Tim Tebow, following yesterday's day of mini-camping.

Get more from McDaniels after yesterday's mini-camp practice here, where the focus was the flexibility of McDaniels' offensive philosophy to fit the personnel, supporting the post-draft analysis that McDaniels will build an offense around Tebow's skills, not try to force-fit him into a particular "system." More McDaniels:

If he can do something out of the pocket and he deserves to be on the field — that's the biggest thing — then maybe it would warrant us doing some other things. But he is going to get trained the exact same way the other guys are getting trained. ... He will function from the pocket. That's where he will play.

(By the way, Denver Post columnist Mark Kiszla appears to have figured out that there's some notoriety to be found by being the guy in town who doubts Tebow. The "McShay/Kiper" role, let's call it -- and it really seemed to work out well for them, didn't it? Kiszla's arguments are flimsy, but he will undoubtedly get extra attention for his bearish analysis; they always do.)

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  1. "The "McShay/Kiper" role, let's call it -- and it really seemed to work out well for them, didn't it? "

    We really won't know the answer to that for a few years. Just because Tebow was drafted in the first round doesn't make their critiques of his game incorrect.