Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Will Tim Tebow Attend NFL Draft in NYC?

So the big topic today is whether or not Tim Tebow will attend the NFL Draft next week in New York City. We already know he will be in NYC on Tuesday for the EA event.

But will he stay for Thursday (or -- and perhaps this is the issue -- Friday) night? No one knows for sure.

The pro for attending is simple: He is the most popular player in the draft and will be THE story, regardless of where he is drafted. If "platform" matters, this is a huge one.

The con for attending involves a bit of projection: Something about not wanting to look foolish sitting there while team after team passes on him. (Tebow has never said this.)

I think this "con" is overblown -- if anything, it means more attention for Tebow:

The storyline only gets more compelling as the picks go by... up to and including an overnight stay into the 2nd round.

Given Tebow's ultimate prominence, I see little downside to attending.

(My dream scenario is that he attends and, during the wait, wanders over to the anchor desk and helps Berman, Kiper and Jaworski break down picks -- like they would turn that down!)

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