Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tim Tebow Drafted By the Broncos

Tim Tebow has been drafted by the Denver Broncos with the 25th pick of the 1st round of the 2010 NFL Draft.

Complete coverage throughout the night.

*As of 10:30, "Tim Tebow Draft" is the No. 1 trending search on Google. What an appropriate bookend to the 2008 National Championship Game night on Google that got him back in 2009.

*Tim Tebow is the 2nd QB taken in the Draft. There were only 2.

*Tebow: "Not everybody has to like you, only one team has to like you. I’m so blessed to be able to go play there."

*Meyer: "The Denver Broncos are getting a winner. Tim will show on the field what he is capable of doing and more than anything Tim has a competitive fire that will constantly push him to get better and do whatever he can to help his team win."

*Gruden: "This guy Tebow will not be denied. He’ll be huge in the Bronco community. I love this pick. Who knows when he’s going to play, what he’s going to play, how he’s going to play, but you are adding one big time human being on your football team."

*Though the Broncos have two QBs on the roster (Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn), neither have locked down the starting QB job beyond a season or two. Meanwhile, Tebow can get on the field (and contribute) as a rookie in valuable (short-yardage and goal-line) situations.

*Broncos jersey No. 15 is open. Top 10 seller in the NFL next season.

*The Denver Broncos open the 2010 season with a game... at Jacksonville.

*Sounds like the Bills really wanted Tebow. The Broncos just wanted him more.

Highlights of Twitter in the 15 minutes immediately following the pick:

Tweet: @richeisen Tebow a Bronco! And a first round pick! Congrats to him! Proving lots of people wrong, including me. Well done.

@slmandel Congrats, Mr Tebow. Kiper sounds like someone stuck a knife in his back. Anyone checked on McShay???

Tweet: @onlygators That's right, Tim Tebow will likely be wearing an Orange & Blue No. 15 jersey with the Denver #Broncos next year.

Tweet: @smartfootball Jeremy Schaap took a flyer on Tebow duty w/ hin likely not to be drafted and came up huge with a big interview

Tweet: @danshanoff
The final insult to Mel Kiper: Tebow off the board at 25. Clausen (Kiper's No. 4 prospect OVERALL) still on the board.

Tweet: @wsjcouch
Tebow -- 1st pick in 24th round to the Broncos. Wait...

Tweet: @claytravisBGID
Biggest asshole in league coaches greatest player. First Meyer, now McDaniels. Seriously though, I like the pick. Rooting for Tebow.

Tweet: @stefanfatsis
Four years too late! I could have used God as my holder.

Tweet: @osaadelson
"I just think I showed them I was willing to do whatever it took. Them believing in me ... I'll do whatever it takes."

Tweet: @thestarterwife
So with Tebow and Quinn, which one gets the Batman outfit and which one is Robin? Which is chocolate, which is peanut butter?Ying and yang?

Tweet: @darrenrovell1
Idea for Broncos? Reserve the # 1-800-GOTEBOW for ticket sales

Tweet: @michaelweinreb
This makes sense, because Denver is one mile closer to Heaven.

Tweet: @rachel__nichols
Lovin' the agent having the Broncos hat ready for Tim Tebow. Which hat do you think Jimmy Clausen's agent is holding?

Tweet: @edsbs
Tim Tebow just totally broke ESPN.

Tweet: @adam_schefter
Tim Tebow to Denver

Tweet: @dickiev
Broncos make super choice in taking Tebow in 1st round!


  1. Love it. Because JM's a protege of BB, it's like Tebow going to the Pats w/out the obnoxious Pats NE fans! Woo-hoo!

  2. I told everyone not to count out the Broncos. They know Orton isn't the long-term answer and EVERYBODY knows that Brady Quin isn't starting material. The Broncos just picked up a bunch of fans today.

  3. Denver's colors ARE kind of orange and blue... more the Auburn orange and blue, but hey, I'm glad he's pleased with the club that picked him.

  4. @syed WTF are you talking about? Quinn could start for any team in the NFL.

  5. Woo hoo! Go, Timmy! And Gators have traditionally done well with the Broncos, so there's that.

  6. As a Denver resident and Gator alum, I am so pumped!!!! Welcome to the Mile High City, Tim!!!

  7. Does anyone know what Marshall Faulk's problem w/Tim is? He just insulted Tim AGAIN. He's done that repeatedly for months.

  8. What happened Brooke? Where was this?

  9. @Syed - YEAH!! Denver has lots of fans they didn't have yesterday. I'm one of them!! :)

  10. So happy I won't have to be a Vikings fan now. Gooo Broncos!

  11. Ok, I guess this was on NFL network? I'm watching ESPN... this is why you can't take anyone's opinion seriously - NFL players and coaches are just as biased as college football fans. I bet Faulk thinks Tebow's runners were carrying him.. but doesn't realize Tebow made everyone around him look so good.

  12. @ReedRichards: "What happened Brooke? Where was this?"

    Back during the Combine, Faulk got noticeably angry w/someone when they defended Tebow from his insults. And tonight, just after Tebow was picked & everyone else there had been praising Tebow, Faulk said, 'This is the only situation I can think of in which winning trumped talent'. There was silence by the others on the panel, so he explained that he meant this was a case of Tebow's wins trumping Clausen's superior talent. I'd like to know why he hates Tim so much.

  13. I'd just like to say again - I so called this! haha, can't help it :)

  14. Keyshawn Johnson isn't a fan either- said he can't be a NFL QB, would never use a first round pick on him.

  15. Denver Broncos play their first game against the Jags in Jacksonville this season. There will be more Bronco fans than Jag fans at that game because of Tim.

  16. Hahah. ROFL. The Broncos trade back into the 1st round to pick up the 4th best QB??!! LOVE IT!!m GO DONKEYS!!

  17. Thank you Brooke! Tebow's just a controversial figure I guess. For some people can't seem to understand the concept that other QBs an be overrated.. not just Tebow. Oh well.. Tebow has been proving people wrong his whole life... He's prepared for this biggest challenge his whole life.

  18. Am+a, you could do a lot worse than Auburn orange and blue. :)

    Congrats to Tebow from this member of the Auburn Family!! The Broncos got a winner -- in sport and in life -- and my husband is happy I don't have to split my SEC loyalties anymore. :)

  19. Do you guys have any idea what kind of contract Tebow might get? I know very little about the workings of the NFL.

  20. O rob ur the typical tebow hater he must have beating ur team whil at florida n the 4th best qb r u kidding u must be a draft guru huh lol bc u guys know wat ur talkn about rob u will c when bradford n mccoy get hurt n clausen has no leadership ability n has a horrible attitude y dont u think he wasnt drafted n the 1st round bc clausen is overrated