Friday, April 9, 2010

Tebow in NYC for NFL Draft Week

As first referenced here yesterday, Tim Tebow being the EA NCAA Football 2011 cover star means he will be in New York City the week of the NFL Draft for the EA launch party on April 20. With Tebow in my town, does that mean the long-awaited Tebow-Teblog meeting could happen?


  1. Bring a Tebow fan, and an even bigger Gators fan, this blog gas become a daily read for me. It's number 1 in my bookmarks on my phone, and I enjoy your insights. My fingers are crossed that your meeting will occur, and I look forward to reading the excerpt of your interview with the next NFL superstar. Thank you.

  2. Good luck! I hope you get to meet Tim and you aren't awestruck.

  3. Dan, I also hope you do get to finally meet, & interview, Tim in NY this month.

    Has anyone heard anything about KC being interested in Tebow? KC's mentioned as one of the teams he's had a workout w/here:

    When I first read that I thought it was a mistake, b/c Cassel just got a long-term contract last year. But I heard today on NFL Network that Cassell's contract has an option clause after this year, so I guess it's possible that they could be interested in Tim.

  4. Dan, have you contacted his agent to see if it's possible? You've been very fair and polite in your blog. I would think he would want to meet you. You've been FREE publicity, and nice publicity at that...for him and them.