Tuesday, April 6, 2010

NFL Tebow: Respect the Tebubble

I just tweeted this from my @danshanoff account:
Attention sports pundits: Saying "I don't think Tebow will last past the 2nd round" is no longer considered bold.
I ended it with a hashtag coining the word "Tebubble."

What is the Tebubble? It is the reality -- amid all the draftnik prognosticating and mock-ification of what will happen in two weeks -- that Tebow's stock is only going up.

By using the word "bubble," I do not mean to suggest that he is overvalued -- just that the stock is only going up from here until 16 days from now, not down.

Consider where we came from: Todd McShay labeling Tebow a 3rd- or 4th-round talent. There was some chit-chat of the Jags taking him at No. 10, and a little bit of 2nd-round talk (certainly around here).

Now, it is ludicrous to think that he would fall through the 2nd round and into the 3rd -- hence my tweet. He is a SOLID 2nd-rounder, at worst.

I said this last week: His FLOOR should be the mid-2nd round -- probably the Bills pick at No. 41. But, chances are, he will go higher than that.

Here is the biggest signal: No one is surprised -- well, except McShay and Kiper -- that Tebow's name is being tossed around as a late-1st-rounder.

Now, that could be GMs blowing smoke, but I suspect there is at least -- AT LEAST -- one team out there that would take Tebow at the back of the 1st round, unwilling to roll the dice that Tebow won't be swiped out from under them at the top of the 2nd, given that a frenzy of GMs will have 12 hours to try to convince the teams at the top of the 2nd to trade out so they can get Tebow at the top of the 2nd.

At the rate his draft stock his climbing, maybe Bob Tebow's "Top 15" prediction from two weeks ago will come true after all.

You are absolutely within your rights to disagree that Tim Tebow is a 1st-round (or even 2nd-round) prospect.

But you have to respect the Tebubble, because -- in the end -- your draft value is as simple as where you get taken.

UPDATE: NFL.com hops on the 1st-round bandwagon. Folks, we're still more than two weeks away and we're already here? Whew: Hang on....

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  1. Heres hoping he goes #38 overall to the Browns. Tim Tebow as the savior of Cleveland? Yes please.