Tuesday, April 20, 2010

NFL Tebow: Profiled in Minneapolis

In the Star-Tribune's pre-draft profile of Tim Tebow, I was hoping to get a little more analysis of why Tebow will (or won't) get taken by the Vikings with the No. 30 pick. Instead, the piece was more of the standard Tebow overview ("Teboverview?").

I went on Brian Kenny's ESPN Radio show last night to talk about Tebow, and Kenny asked me why Tebow is going to succeed as a quarterback in the NFL -- and credit to Kenny for allowing that "success" could merely mean that Tebow has a perfectly adequate career as an NFL QB.

I touched on something that the Star-Tribune finished their profile with, and I don't think it should be discounted or assumed away as simple talk -- Tebow's attitude about getting better:
I know that wherever I go, whoever drafts me, they will have a kid who is going to give everything to that organization, that franchise and someone that's going to leave everything on the field every day that I go to work. And that's what I'm going to focus on. My dream is to be a quarterback, and I'm going pursue that as much as I can.
No player in the NFL -- QB or otherwise -- will work harder at getting better and maximizing his talents than Tebow. He will put himself in the optimal position to succeed.

To the point that I was trying to make at the top: I still think that there is a very good chance that the Vikings take Tebow at No. 30 if he is available.

But I think there is a better chance than not that Tebow won't be available at 30 -- that the Bills will have traded up into the mid-20s to take Tebow before the Vikings can snag him.

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