Monday, April 5, 2010

NFL Tebow: King on Eagles Interest

Following up last night's post evaluating draft interest in Tim Tebow from the Redskins and, now, the Eagles, here is the analysis from Peter King:
I have heard the Eagles will now focus on Tebow and are likely to join the parade of teams working him out and spending time with him. With seven picks in the first four rounds, Philadelphia has the ammo to go get the developmental quarterback Reid always likes to have on his roster.
As I said last night, Tebow wouldn't exactly be a complete project for Philly: He can come in and immediately run any of the Wildcat packages that were previously installed for Vick.

My "why not?" from last night suddenly looks like a "could very well be." At the very least, it was hardly a stretch to immediately put the Eagles in the Tebow Derby.

(h/t: Andrea Adelson)


  1. Obviously I'm missing something here. Kolb is supposedly the Eagles' QB of the long-term future & he's only 25. Why would they be interested in Tebow before they've even tried Kolb as their starter?

  2. Because Kolb might not work out and even so Tebow could replace Vick even if Kolb does work out.

    Kolb isn't a proven commodity yet. Tebow is still at least a 1-2 year project, and in that time they can give Kolb a chance to prove himself.

  3. Except Kolb's contract is supposedly up this year (Vick's allegedly is, too). At his age, would Kolb be happy just re-signing for another 1 or 2 years? And I can't imagine any team wasting a relatively high draft pick on a player that they expect to simply be a permanent backup to their franchise quarterback. It's possible that they don't think Kolb will be their franchise player-if that's the case, then I can understand why they'd be interested in Tebow.

  4. I think you are right. If they draft Tebow that high it will probably with the thought in mind that he will be their starting QB eventually.

    Kolb has one year left as does Vick so that gives Tebow some time to develop.