Monday, April 12, 2010

NFL Tebow: King Likes Vikings

In his SI column this week, Peter King picks up on the Vikings meme from last Friday:

Favre succeeded by ... Tebow?The Vikings, who pick 30th in the first round, had a private workout with Florida quarterback/NFL temptorTim TebowSaturday. Though I think it's a long shot that Minnesota would use the 30th pick of the first round to take Tebow, it's interesting that coachBrad Childressand VP of personnelRick Spielman, who have the draft-day juice, were both present for the workout, according to a Florida source.

All along I've felt Tebow needs to go to a spot where he can have a peaceful redshirt year or two, and assumingBrett Favreplays one or two more years (now we're getting ahead of ourselves), Tebow to the Vikes makes some sense, particularly if Childress feels he's the kind of prospect that two of the quarterback coaches he admires most --Andy ReidandMike Holmgren-- think he is.

Watch the Vikings at No. 30. I don't think it's a long shot at all -- and certainly at least as likely (if not more) than the Bills picking Tebow at No. 9.

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