Wednesday, April 7, 2010

NFL Tebow: Jersey Gallery

The popular game among folks who cover Tebow closely -- or simply want to appeal to the huge appetite nationally for all things Tebow -- is to weigh his fit on every NFL team.

Kudos to and editor/blogger Jon McDonald for going the extra distance: Not just an analysis of each team's "Tebow need," but creating Tebow jerseys for every team.

Visually, this is a nice bookend to the college football preview magazine covers from last summer.

Here is a sampling, featuring the Patriots, Eagles and Bills -- all teams mentioned for their potential to draft Tebow inside the first two rounds of the Draft.

Per, all images created via

The images don't reflect that teams may have players wearing No. 15 already. For example, Felton Huggins wears No. 15 on the Bills. I presume the 2nd-year WR would be happy to "donate" his number to Tebow in exchange for some kind of "gratuity."

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