Sunday, April 4, 2010

NFL Tebow: Impact of McNabb Trade?

Just to show you that we can connect anything to Tim Tebow, let's take a quick look at what the Donovan McNabb trade to the Redskins might mean for Tebow's draft prospects:

In the deal, the Redskins traded their 2nd-round pick -- No. 37 overall -- to the Eagles. This -- combined with trading for a QB -- effectively ends any prospects the Redskins might draft Tebow.

It doesn't preclude them from trading other picks to get back to the top of the 2nd round, but it would seem odd if the Redskins traded picks to get to the top of the 2nd to take a QB, when they just traded the 2nd-rounder for... a QB.

How about the team now picking 37th overall -- the Eagles? Would Philadelphia have any interest in drafting Tim Tebow, perhaps replacing their old No. 5 with a new No. 5?

Kevin Kolb appears to be Philly's QB for the present -- and future. Mike Vick is likely not a long-term solution as a backup.

It doesn't feel like a dire team need to take Tim Tebow with this early 2nd-round pick -- but Tebow could replace Vick as backup QB (running any of the Wildcat packages that the team built for Vick over the past year) and develop into a potential replacement for Kolb in a few years.

To summarize: The Redskins would seem to be out of the hunt for Tebow, and the Eagles could join the group of suitors... but it doesn't seem like a sure thing.

UPDATE: Uber-Eagles fan Dan Levy, my colleague from the Sporting News, weighs in on this: "No chance."


  1. IIRC, Tim was scheduled to have his workout w/the Redskins this week (as well as, I believe, Cleveland?). I assume the Redskins will cancel that now.

  2. check this out:
    Looks like the Eagles PR team is trying to get fans looking forward to Tebow being added to the team.

  3. This plot keeps getting thicker. If Andrew's reading that article correctly, we could now have the Eagles interested (although their 1st round pick's at 24, so they might have to trade up to get Tim). Also, doesn't McNabb only have 1 more year left on his contract? Isn't it theoretically possible the Redskins are just taking McNabb for this year to give them time to get Tebow-or another QB-ready to be their next starter?

    I wish I knew more about the NFL & the draft...

  4. Ne GM in Philly is a Florida Alum --- just saying...

  5. @Brooke According to Schefter Tebow will still be in DC Thurs. and Fri. I don't get the point.

  6. @ProteinBarGirl: today Charles Davis on the NFL Network made it sound like workouts that had already been scheduled couldn't be cancelled. On the same show they were also talking about what the Redskins higher-ups were hoping to learn about players from their workouts.

    There's also the-admittedly slim-possibility that Shanahan is still interested in drafting a QB, b/c he doesn't intend on re-signing McNabb when McNabb's contract expires at the end of this year.