Wednesday, April 7, 2010

NFL Tebow: Bound for Browns?

Tim Tebow reportedly met with the Cleveland Browns yesterday. Mike Holmgren was at Tebow's Pro Day last month and had complimentary things to say. Holmgren has also jettisoned Cleveland's previous QBs, and seems intent on starting over, grooming his own guy.

I would rate the Browns as a "1st tier" team in the Tebow discussion -- the handful of teams most likely to draft Tebow.

There is no way they use their 1st-round pick (No. 7 overall) to take Tebow, but they pick No. 6 in Round 2 -- a primetime spot for Tebow, three picks ahead of the Bills.

But I suspect that if Holmgren really is targeting Tebow at the 38th overall pick, he will be holding his breath for those first 4 picks of the round to see if the Rams/Lions/Bucs/Chiefs trade out to a team that wants to hop over Cleveland (or Buffalo) to get him... or even if the Eagles snipe Tebow with the 5th pick of the round, one spot before the Browns pick.

Here's an X-factor: If the Bills are really interested, they may get very squeamish about having to sit through the Eagles and, especially, the Browns (and perhaps even the Raiders, who pick 8th in the 2nd round).

Buffalo could be one of those teams that spends the overnight time after the 1st round -- if Tebow is even still on the board -- wrangling with the Rams/Lions/Bucs/Chiefs to move up to their spot to get him.


  1. I guess that as a life long UF Gator, I would root for the Browns to take him. I really like Mike Holmgren and I think Tebow would do well under Holmgren's tutelage. On the flip side I am a Bills fan, but the recent QB tradition up there isn't promising. Of course, I would want to see Tim be all he can be, but I really don't follow the Browns.

  2. I'm really hoping the Browns Eschew McCoy for Tebow at #38. I would absolutely love to see the Holmgren Regime bring the spread to cleveland.