Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jerry Jones on Tebow: "He'd Never Get On the Field"

"He'd never get on the field."

-- Cowboys owner Jerry Jones
, on why he wouldn't draft Tim Tebow.

via Deadspin


Here is the exchange:

Question: What, you, you wouldn't take Tebow in the third round?

Jerry Jones: Why? He'd never get on the field. I can't get him out there.


Jerry Jones: I can't get him out there.

"I can't get him out there."

So, not that the Cowboys were ever on the Tebow Short-List, but let's safely assume there isn't going to be some from-left-field call by Jerry Jones to draft Tebow.

(Unless, of course, this video is all some big ploy to get people to THINK he doesn't want Tebow, but he does all along. Sure....)


  1. I don't understand this exchange.. is he just saying his coach isn't on board? Meaning if he drafted Tebow his coach wouldn't play him?

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