Thursday, April 29, 2010

Broncos Tebow: Why He Will Succeed

Broncos pundits and analysts are, for good reason, already locking onto Tim Tebow's place on the team. In the last 24 hours, there have been two must-reads representing two sides of the analytical spectrum:

(1) Woody Paige, Denver Post: Paige is the lead columnist of the Denver Post and the most influential sports voice in Denver (he and I had a couple of friendly sparring sessions during my erstwhile career on "Around the Horn.")

In his weekly mailbag, Paige takes advantage of a reader's doubts about Tebow to deliver a qualitatively excellent analysis that draws on Paige's 30 years in Denver and experience covering -- and discovering -- Tebow templates John Elway and Steve Young.

Money quote: "He has that same aura Elway had as a rookie."

(2) TJ Johnson, Mile High Report: MHR is the leading Broncos blog and also quite influential. Despite being a Broncos fan (and, initially, not a fan of the Tebow draft pick), Johnson takes a dispassionate look at how Tebow might be used by Josh McDaniels, and delivers an analytical clinic -- with terrific citations -- about how and why Tebow will succeed. The simple-yet-brilliant insight: When arguing Tebow can't fit in a "NFL" offense, why are you assuming the Broncos will even run an orthodox pro-style offense?

Money quote:
"McDaniels didn't bring in Tebow to run a pro-style offense. He brought Tebow in to continue what he's been doing--punishing teams with the spread/shotgun, whether it be with the run or with the pass. To fail to realize this is to fail to realize what has made Josh McDaniels excel as an offensive coordinator."

Paige is breezy and anecdotal; Johnson is rigorous and analytical. Both end up at roughly the same conclusion:

McDaniels will run an offense to maximize Tebow's skills -- and to doubt either McDaniels' insights or Tebow's talent is to ignore both long-term and recent history.


  1. I think it's obvious that we're going to be seeing the spread from the Broncos in the near future. Look at the first 3 draft pics they made... A WR from a team that runs the spread(GT), A QB from a team that runs the spread(Florida), and a OL from a team that runs the spread(Utah). Coincidentally enough, Zane Beadles played left tackle in the spread offense and Tebow has a tendency to run left...


  2. Great observations, Christopher. Interesting info!