Monday, March 1, 2010

Tim Tebow At the NFL Draft Combine

Let's talk about what Tim Tebow proved -- or didn't -- at this weekend's NFL Draft Combine:

*He remains, without question, the biggest star in the Draft. Last night, I saw a promo for ESPN's draft coverage and it featured photos of Clausen and Suh; by mid-March, I think Tebow will be the go-to visual, because he combines the most popular/well-known player and the most intriguing storyline. His combine results were always the No. 1 story.

*Tebow didn't throw. Big deal. No QBs throw anymore. Hell, Bradford and McCoy might not be able to throw right now, period. (I find myself so mystified by the Bradford-for-No. 1 storyline that I can barely discuss it -- his shoulder is one hit away from being disconnect to his body...again. And he comes from as much of a "system" as any QB of the last decade.

*By the full set of numbers, Tebow could be the most athletic QB in the NFL. There isn't a QB who combines his speed (4.7!), strength (he would surely set the all-time record for bench presses by a QB, if he was allowed to try), explosiveness (best-ever broad jump) and quickness (see him in the 3-cone drill). In other words: He has all the physical tools.

*Charles Smith's "scoop" that Florida tried to change Tebow's mechanics last spring, only to have him revert when he got into real game situations... well, that's hardly a scoop to anyone who has been following Tebow for the past year. Again: It gets a big "...And?"

*Tebow's mechanics remain a work in progress, but the point is that he is working at them, with a crack team of experts (including Jon Gruden!?). And Tebow isn't going to be expected to step in and start immediately, which means he will not just have mini-camp and the summer and training camp to continue developing, but all next season -- and maybe the season after that. All the while, he will absolutely be able to contribute meaningfully (and immediately) in short-yardage or goal-line or otherwise-creative situations that the coaches put him in. If only every rookie QB could offer that combination of instant specialized help plus long-term upside.

By every metric -- every measurable metric, which is the point -- Tebow's Combine was a success. Next up: His "Pro Day" in Gainesville in two weeks, which is going to be the biggest frenzy in the NFL between now and the week of the Draft itself in late April.

-- Dan


  1. Where did you hear Jon Gruden was helping Tebow throw, Dan?

  2. It's mentioned here:

  3. I popped Mortin while watching the combine! The repetitiveness of Mayock and Davis and some funny comments by Eisen it was such a headache to watch. I think they came so close to Tebow's face they were up his nostrils! comments like " he's athletic" " he's good looking" "he's got great intangibles" Oh my god I couldnt take it anymore! we knew this already. I felt baad for LeFevour who actually out ran Tebow at the 40 but hey that wont have the same repetitiveness as Tebow time! Wait until Pro Day! I will actually be there for that Three ring circus with Tebow as the Ring master! I cant wait to see what happens that day. I bet I will hear the same quotes but.. but The throwing motion will be unvailed so thees something new to look forward too.

  4. Thanks for the link Brooke.

    LeFevour was faster but he is also significantly lighter than Tebow..

    I also wonder why they don't mention the agility drills.. Tebow was quicker than many of the elite receivers.

  5. Hey guys this is a great article and video about Tebow and the draft.

  6. Another link for anyone looking for Tebow's combine numbers.

  7. I'll be at the Pro Day too, can't wait! Also the website is reporting that on the radio this morning, they mentioned that 9 teams were interested in Tebow at the combine, and none of them were the Jaguars.

  8. I have to echo Dan's comment about Bradford. That guy is a brittle twig and will end up on the DL if he ever sees any significant playing time. In fact, I make an argument for not ever drafting a Big 12 quarterback here if you're interested....