Monday, March 8, 2010

Tebow Trivia: Jerseys He Has Rocked

Great stuff from Tim Tebow in a Jacksonville radio interview today, which I'll credit Ben Volin for spotting. Check out the whole thing, which includes a little bit on his revamped mechanics, a little bit on the idea of being drafted by the Jaguars ("I've been a Jaguars fan my whole life") and a bit of Tebow Trivia: The only three athlete jerseys he's ever owned in his life.

The answers: Emmitt Smith (his favorite player growing up), Danny Wuerffel (his idol) and Michael Jordan (who didn't?).

Want to feel old? When Michael Jordan won his last NBA title in 1998 -- which feels like a week ago to some of us -- Tim Tebow was 10 years old.

Some day, my kids are going to ask me what their first sports jerseys were, and the answer is going to be "Tim Tebow." By the time they are Tebow's age now, Tebow will almost assuredly be out of the NFL -- even if he has a nice long career, it can't possibly last 20 years.

(Actually, technically my first son's first jersey was Percy Harvin's No. 1 Florida jersey, because at the time he was an infant in the summer/fall of '06, they didn't have No. 15 jerseys.)


  1. Thanks for the link, Dan.

    If anyone's interested, there are several other interviews on that site, going all the way back to 2008. There are also a few Urban Meyer interviews.

  2. I meant there are several other *Tebow* interviews on that site.

    Also, here's an article & video about Tebow's first autograph signing: