Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tebow: Most Polarizing of NFL Draft

It is hardly a stretch for my friend Bruce Feldman to rank Tim Tebow as the Most Polarizing player in the 2010 NFL Draft. Let's talk about the practical implications:

*Tebow is THE storyline of the draft; there has never been a player ranked so low to have so much impact.

*Where Tebow might go will be the biggest plotline -- of Round 1, of Round 2... perhaps beyond. It will be the biggest storyline this week, in two weeks for Florida's "Pro Day" and the final four-week sprint until Draft Week itself, in which he will be the biggest plotline.

*If he isn't selected in the 1st round on Thursday, where he might go will be the lead story on Thursday night and Friday morning -- even ahead of the players selected in the 1st round.

*Draftniks will make their careers based on bearish proclamations about Tebow. However, as I have said before, Tebow's stock will only go up from here. It will be fun to track the change in momentum -- and how the draftniks deal with the cognitive dissonance.

The bottom line: The question isn't whether Tebow is the most polarizing (or, as I'd put it, "most intriguing") player of the 2010 Draft; as with most of Tebow's career, the question is whether Tebow is the most polarizing/intriguing player in the HISTORY of the NFL Draft.

-- Dan

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