Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tebow in Palm Beach via OnlyGators

A good read for a Sunday morning: had a chance to talk with Tim Tebow yesterday during Tebow's autograph-signing session in Palm Beach. Nice work by Adam here.

(The signings get a bad rap from Tebow-haters. Yesterday, Tebow also met with a group from the Special Olympics and made a $50,000 donation to his foundation. And he did a "Gator Walk"-style "Tebow Walk" to shake hands and stayed until everyone in line had their stuff signed.

(More from the event from Volin, who was on the scene for the hometown Palm Beach Post.)


  1. I was there yesterday as well. It was awesome- he signed autographs for about 4 hours and then did all the pictures. I did both and got to talk to him both times. My students signed a poster I had made for him and I gave it to him which he really liked. He was so nice!! A guy proposed to his girlfriend when they went to get their photo- Tim was in on it, he had the ring sitting behind the Heisman and Tim gave the girl the ring after the guy proposed. If you go on there is a youtube video of it. I also talked to Robbie for a few minutes and talked to the guy who is doing the documentary on Tim for about 15 minutes, found out a LOT of interesting information. He said at D1, they were filming his throwing motion and it was originally 23 frames long, it got down to 9 frames, that's how fast he is releasing the ball now!! Really nice guy. If you want to see pics, you can friend request me on facebook, Christy Labonte.

  2. Wow. That sounds like it was a great day. Thanks for the info.

    At there's also a good blog post about the day:

    (Since I'm the one that whined the most about these pic-taking/auto-signing events when they were first announced, I just want to point out that I've had no problem w/them since finding out that the bulk of the money was going to charity.)

  3. Also, the pics from the Jacksonville event are over here:

    Hopefully, they'll upload the Palm Beach pics soon, too.

  4. My professional pics with Tim are posted on my facebook if anyone wants to see, they came out really good and they even took pics when I was talking to him, which I didn't know they did, so awesome!

  5. Christy: The Palm Beach pics have been uploaded & I'm seeing 5 that look like the pic you have on your Facebook profile. They're in the 1st group:

    There are over 1400 pics posted from the PB event. Wow.

  6. Brooke- yep there were 5 that had me in them, that gallery is where we had to download them from. They were very nice in taking 3 shots of everyone, that's why they are almost 1500 photos- they did not do that in Jacksonville, and I blinked my eyes in one of them. So I was really happy they did that.