Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tebow Combine: QB or TE? Um: QB.

The folks who think Tim Tebow should convert to Tight End or H-back will read what they want to from his Combine performance.

The way I see it is, however, that he established himself as arguably the most overall athletic QB in the NFL, which will only help him... as a QB.

If he is put in the right system with coaches who are clever enough to know how to use him, this could yield long-term benefits (starting QB) AND short-term ones ("Wildcat 2.0").

In other words: Using him as a TE or H-back would be wasting his talents as a QB. I still contend that he could help reinvent the QB role, even perhaps in a "platoon" function (which, of course, is precisely what the Wildcat already creates, whether run by a QB or RB).

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