Tuesday, March 16, 2010

NFL Tebow: One Day Til Pro Day

24 hours from now, Tim Tebow's Pro Day workout at Florida will be over, and the new spin will begin. I predict thousands of fans will show up to watch -- that's to go with potentially hundreds of NFL scouts and media folks. Should be quite a spectacle.

While you wait, here is a very thoughtful (and long) post from TeamSpeedKills about the whole Tebow-Meyer-NFL development story. Kneejerk analysis is the coin of the realm, but sometimes, a few weeks to digest can result in some really terrific work, as you'll see in that piece.

BTW: Can we all agree that when John Brantley steps in next year and just kills it -- and I'm talking about being so effective that NFL scouts are talking about him being a 1st-round pick NEXT year, not in 2012 (not unlike the leap made by USC's Mark Sanchez) -- that this meme will end? Brantley has more natural NFL QB potential than any Florida QB in generations.

Get ready for tomorrow.


  1. How is everyone so confident that Brantley is going to step in and just be incredible when he hasn't started a single game yet? I'm rooting for him but what exactly do we have to go by to be able to say that he's gonna step in and "just kill it?"

  2. Dustin, it's because he's not just some high school kid we're throwing in there for the first time. He's been waiting for 3 years and by now he should be prepared. In addition, we have seen him in quite a few games over the past few years. Granted it's been in blowouts, but he's been very successfull when given a shot. He's shown that he's very accurate and has a huge arm. That's why we think he'll "just kill it".

  3. Not to take sides or anything but I agree with Dustin. Brantley seems like a great kid.. but I think people get too caught up in throwing a pretty ball AND people have completely lost touch with reality as to how talented the Gators roster is. Tebow was CARRYING that offense on his back the past 2 seasons. Tebow made everyone around him look great because of his freakish abilities... often at his own expense.

    Also, I think people get confused when they see Brantley play because it seems like the offense is flowing smoothly because he is a good pure passer.. while the offense might look smoother than with Tebow and the passing game could look great against bad teams.. you will see how valuable Tebow's abilities are when facing tough defenses. Tebow could have thrown the ball more like Brantley and looked good in the short term.. but in the long term he would not have been successful -- like Matt Stafford for Georgia.