Monday, March 22, 2010

NFL Tebow: Get The Facts

There have been plenty of unflattering things written about Tim Tebow's NFL potential -- some opinion, some reporting other peoples' opinions.

What you don't see too often is a full-throated defense of Tebow's NFL potential. Well, now you've got one, from one of the most trusted sources in NFL analysis: Cold Hard Football Facts.

I had been waiting for CHFF to dig into the Tebow debate, and they deliver with a serious argument that not only will Tebow do fine, but that he is undervalued.
But Tebow didn't just put up big stats ... he put up supremely efficient stats. He was more accurate, and produced more big passing plays, and was more likely to put the ball in the end zone, and more likely to keep it out of the hands of opposing defenders, than any of the recent collection of No. 1 passing phenoms to come out of the SEC.
Tebow was, by any measure, a better player, a better quarterback and, yes, a better passer than any of these No. 1 picks.
Read the whole thing here -- then read their sidebar on why his mechanics thing is overrated as an issue of concern.

Meanwhile, I did not know that Charlie Casserly said that Tebow would be drafted no earlier than the 4th round. Not "He's a 4th-round talent," which is how McShay and Kiper feel about it.

But even those two draftniks have come around to the idea that Tebow's draft stock is way ahead of the less bullish analysis that is out there from scouts.

I stand by my latest projection: Top of the 2nd round. Perhaps not the first pick of the 2nd round, but no more than 10 picks into the 2nd round.

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