Friday, March 26, 2010

NFL Tebow: Drafted In Top 15?

This is coming out as a slow-roll, but last week Bob Tebow said that if Tim Tebow doesn't go to the Jaguars at No. 10 of the NFL Draft, he will go in the Top 15.

Let's start with the floor: Tebow will not go later than the top few picks of the 2nd round.

But the real question is the ceiling Could Tebow go in the 1st -- not just the 1st, but the top half?

If the Tebow team was convinced he was going in the 1st round, they would definitely have him in NYC for what would be a triumphant moment.

(Nevermind that I strongly believe he should be in NYC for the unprecedented prime-time 2nd round, which will be The Tebow Show, if he wants it to be.)

The folks at Pro Football Talk -- hardly a place of Tebow partisanship -- thinks there is something to the 1st-round talk.

Let's scan picks 11-15:

(11) Broncos: Just traded for Brady Quinn. Nope.
(12) Dolphins: Henne. Spent a 2nd on White. Nope.
(13) 49ers: Not drafting another Meyer QB.
(14) Seahawks: Hmm.
(15) Giants: Backup to Eli? Not as a 1st.

The Seahawks are intriguing. Pete Carroll has already indicated his interest in giving Tebow an individual workout. But Carroll just traded for Charlie Whitehurst. And Tebow doesn't really fit the Carroll mold of "USC statuesque" QB. But Tebow fits Carroll's rah-rah cultural style. And the Seahawks have two 1st-round picks. They can go OT (safe) with pick 1, then Tebow.

The other option is that a wildcard (not necessarily Wild Card) team would trade up into the 11-15 range to get Tebow. Besides the Broncos last year, NFL teams horde those 1st-round picks -- they don't come cheap and they don't get used unless a team REALLY wants a player.

That said: All signs point to at least one NFL team ending up REALLY wanting Tebow. Perhaps even enough to trade up into the 1st round.

Will he go Top 15? For a long time, I thought he was a lock to the Jags at No. 10 -- not so much anymore. Will he go 1st round? I'm skeptical, but I certainly wouldn't rule it out.

Here's what we know: If 32 1st-round slots come and go and Tebow hasn't been picked, there will be a frenzied scrum to get to the top of the 2nd round the next day to get him.


  1. Not that I know or think that they are interested in Tebow, but the Broncos definitely need a Qb. Quinn was about to be cut by one of the worst offensive teams ever. He's not the answer at Qb for them and neither is Orton long-term and I think they know that.

  2. Badly-run teams make bad decisions. Remember that before the 2009 season, the Browns could have traded Brady Quinn for Jay Cutler and maybe a 2011 second or something.

    The Lions let Leigh Bodden go last year.