Monday, March 15, 2010

NFL Tebow: Countdown to Pro Day

In less than 48 hours, Tim Tebow will take part in Florida's Pro Day -- it will be a HUGE event. I predict a couple thousand fans will show up, not to mention legions of NFL scouts and media folks.

At the event, Tebow will unveil his modified mechanics. Obviously, it's just a start, to be continued throughout private workouts with individual teams.

But the meme of Tebow's draft-stock revitalization begins on Wednesday. As I have said: His stock won't get worse from its current "2nd round" status.

I think, at worst, he goes at or near the top of the 2nd round after a frenzied night of trade discussions among plenty of interested teams.

But depending on what happens on Wednesday, I would say the 1st round isn't entirely out of the question (although it remains a long shot).'s Woj has a good take that helps set the context for Wednesday. Suffice to say, Gene is a Tebow fan. Keep an eye on the analysis from the unnamed scout at the bottom.

(I should also point to this column from Yahoo's Jason Cole, who actually lives in Gainesville. Not that I think that colored his perspective that someone will take a flier on TT.)

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  1. Does anyone know if UF Pro Day is going to be shown live on tv (outside of Florida) &, if so, what channel? I've looked at the listings of both NFL Network & the various ESPN channels & couldn't find anything. NFL Network's show Path to the Draft has been giving end-of-day recaps of various schools' Pro Days, but I was hoping it would be shown in it's entirety live.

    Thanks for article links, Dan.