Friday, March 12, 2010

NFL Tebow: Bills The Best Fit?

ESPN's John Clayton says he thinks the Buffalo Bills might be the best fit for Tim Tebow, and I'm going to try to reverse-engineer the logic:

*Need a franchise QB. I'm not saying that Tim Tebow can or will be that franchise QB, but the team certainly needs one.

*Need a "face" of the franchise. Say what you want about Tebow's mechanics -- he has more "face of the franchise" potential than any player in the draft.

*No pressure to win now. If you stipulate that Tim Tebow needs 2-3 years to develop into a reliable starting QB, then this is a great spot, because no one expects the Bills to contend anytime soon. (Let's call this the "McNair Scenario" -- the Titans made a similar commitment when drafting McNair.)

*Strategically, why not? The Bills are going nowhere. The team could experiment with some sort of crazy, Tebow-friendly hybrid offense without really risking anything. Just look in their own division: It worked for the Dolphins.

*Amazing fan base that will love Tebow's attitude. For gosh sakes, they embraced T.O. -- they're going to freak out over Tebow.

Now, at least a few obvious downsides: Tebow isn't ready to step in and be a starting QB; will they ruin him by rushing him?

And, more than anything: The Bills play in arguably the windiest and least-hospitable conditions in the league. Tebow has never played anywhere but moderate climate of the South. That, to me, is as big of an X-factor as anything.

The other question is the same I had for Jags season-ticket holders: Are we talking about drafting Tebow in the Top 10 overall... or merely at all? (Wouldn't it be ironic if they took Tebow at No. 9, directly in front of Jacksonville?)

Buffalo also holds the 41st overall pick, 9 picks into the 2nd round. Per yesterday's discussion, I don't think Tebow will be around at 41 for the Bills to take; they would have to go into the overnight break between the 1st and 2nd rounds with the intent to trade up to get him.

But at the top of the 2nd round, the Bills are as strong of a contender to draft Tebow as anyone.

(h/t: OnlyGators via Twitter)


  1. I'm guessing that marria will like this post. :)

  2. Theoretically, the windy conditions in Buffalo could play to Tebow's rushing skills.

  3. Brooke! you know me so well!!! when I hear Tebow & Buffalo Bills I get excited like a little school girl! LOL Its going to happen! They can afford to change their whole team and stagedies and can do a complete overhaul to fit Tebow!! I like the Bills because it just seems like the best team for out Tebow. I feel they would do him right!! ( again grinning like a kid who got candy!) woohooo LOL

  4. I honestly think that the Patriots are the best fit for Tim. Bill Belichick will do right by Timmy.
    I am sooooo excited to see where Timmy goes.