Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tim Tebow vs. Uche Nwaneri

You know what's going to be awkward? When Tim Tebow is drafted No. 10 overall by the Jaguars and he and Uche Nwaneri get to hang out for the first time. Nwaneri isn't much of a fan.


  1. I don't want Tim to be drafted by the Jaguars. (well this is my feeling as of today, it changes almost daily!!)

    Ideally, Tim needs to be drafted by a really good team, and a great coach. I want him on the Patriots. It's a perfect fit for him.
    Tim is much too good of a player and a person to be used as a marketing tool. He deserves much better than that.

    I know New England is far from home, and winters get snowy and cold. But we will welcome him with open arms!!

    Whichever team gets him, is a lucky team, and I will be behind him every step of the way, wearing my Tebow jersey on game days!
    Go Timmy!!!

  2. I want Tim to be drafted by the Vikings. He will be lethal with Adrian Peterson, Percy Harvin a and Sidney Rice in offense.They play in a domed stadium which is ideal for TT.