Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tim Tebow vs. Joe Theismann

"Rock star status preserved." -- Joe Theismann actually advocated that Tim Tebow retire after college football, rather than try for the pros. And I don't think he was kidding. Seriously.


  1. The Browns new GM has been talking up Tebow.. he hasn't said emphatically that Tebow will be a QB or that he will draft him but he has praised him. This is very interesting to me because from my understanding Holmgren is going to coach there. Holmgren was Steve Young and Joe Montana's Qb coach as well as Brett Favre.. and Brett Favre has an identical throwing motion to Tebow from what I have seen. And ALL these guys were undervalued and drafted below their value. To me it seems like a perfect scenario for Holmgren to draft and groom Tebow...

  2. Another thing to add to this theory is that Mangini will be the head coach of the Browns.. Mangini is a disciple and ex assistant coach of Bill Bellichick. Apparently Bill Bellichick covets Tebow and many believe Bellichick would be the guy most capable of utilizing Tebow. If Mangini understands how Bellichick might use Tebow maybe he tries to do the same!