Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad: Reaction

I go back to what I have been saying for weeks: That CBS would never had approved Tim Tebow's Super Bowl ad for Focus on the Family had it been incendiary or provocative in almost any way.

And it wasn't.

In fact, it was entirely benign -- even playful, with Tebow tackling his mom at the end of the spot, which was a total surprise given the play-it-straight versions that ran in the pre-game.

The only problem, if you could call it that, was that the ad ran right after a Snickers ad featuring Betty White being tackled by a young football player -- not entirely different from the Tebow ad.

Anyway, the dominant reaction during the game, after the game and tomorrow will be: "Well what was the fuss all about?" The ad could NOT have been more benign.

(There are plenty of discussions to be had about Focus on the Family's positions -- thankfully, we won't have those discussions here on this blog -- but the ad itself was so non-contentious.)

Back to football tomorrow. Congrats to you Saints fans out there.


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  2. "Shouldn't we dissect what was really behind the ad?"

    I'm not a mind-reader, but what appears to have been 'really behind the ad' for the Tebows was the ability for females in crisis or unwanted pregnancies to find out that there's non-abortive help for them via FoF's website. There are many females w/unwanted pregnancies, or who have had abortions & are having post-abortion emotional problems, who don't know that there's help for them in those situations. This ad directs them to a site where they can get that information. This is exactly what I was hoping would be in the ad.

    As for putting the ad behind us & not discussing it anymore, I'll be more than glad to. I've been sick of all the discussion about it for weeks. I want to move on to discussing the Combine & where Tebow goes in the Draft.

  3. I dont feel the need to go deeper then what the ad presented. It was subtle, and meaningful without being forceful, in keeping with Tebow's method. In fact, given the last 2 weeks of pervasive media coverage, it seems like a total marketing coux to me.

    Good coverage, Dan, keep up the good work

  4. Hey Mike: Shouldn't you stop overreacting and overusing words? Shouldn't you?

  5. Yes, the ad was very benign and friendly, and those of us who are Gator fans and have been following Tebow and his exploits aren't surprised about his feelings on the subject of reproductive choice. However, the sponsorship of Focus on the Family still bothers me; they are not only anti-choice, but they also have been responsible for ads against rights for LGBT people, and have advocated for teaching creationism (or a thinly disguised form of it) in public schools. If Tebow and his family had done the ad without the sponsorship of Focus on the Family (or had done it with the sponsorship of a less extreme organization), I would feel better about the ad, although it certainly wouldn't change my opinion vis-a-vis reproductive rights.

  6. bird: Your views on the matter are exactly my own, only worded much better. :) I second your statements completely.

  7. nicely put Bird. Much nicer than my late night rant which I removed. I could not agree more.