Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tim Tebow: Daytona 500 Grand Marshal

Why should you have been suspicious of the analysis yesterday* that Tim Tebow is going to keep his head low and simply focus on working out in advance of the NFL Combine?

Because the Super Bowl ad -- and accompanying "discussion" -- put Tebow on a superstar stratosphere occupied by the Peytons, LeBrons, Phelpes, Lances and (ahem) Tigers.

It makes no sense for Team Tebow to sidestep all of the opportunities that will come his way in the wake of the Super Bowl, when his concurrent goals are both the NFL and larger influence.

Tebow will be the Grand Marshal of the qualifying races on Thursday at the Daytona 500, per the AP's Mark Long. Of course he will be: It's not just local, but the NASCAR fan is right in the Tebow sweet spot.

(In fact, I have compared Tebow's marketing appeal to that of a top NASCAR driver -- his fans are going to be willing to buy his endorsed products in a way beyond other team-sport athletes.)

* - To be fair, Robbie Andreu's analysis was mostly informed by Tebow's agent Jimmy Sexton, who doesn't do much for his credibility by pushing this "keeping focused on the NFL prep" line and conveniently ignoring telling Robbie that Tebow will be part of the D-500. Then again, Sexton's job is to get Tebow drafted as high as possible, not manage his off-field marketing.

The point is: The safe route is assuming Tebow's continued off-field marketing presence, commensurate with his mega-star status.


  1. I think it's pretty obvious he will be getting a Gatorade endorsement. This totally make sense.

  2. Well, I think him taking part in the Gatorade Performance Lab testing kind of solidified that. According to AP_Gators' latest Tweet, Tim already signed a deal with Gatorade?

  3. Did you guys hear that Mike Holmgren recently mentioned taking a look at Tebow? Holmgren was the QB coach of Joe Montana and Steve Young. Steve Young has been compared to Tebow and Holmgren also coached Brett Favre.. Favre IMO has an identical throwing motion to Tebow!..

    Also, Holmgren's current head coach in Cleveland is Eric Mangini.. Mangini was Bill Bellichick's assistant coach.. as was Mangini's offensive coordinator. And Bellichick is the guy who likely understands how to use Tebow best. I am thinking if Bellichick knew how to utilize Tebow that his assistants also might be able to predict how Bellichick might use Tebow and want to do it themselves.

  4. Pretty misleading title, since Tebow WILL NOT be the grand marshal at the Daytona 500. The writer should educate himself on a topic before writing about it. Tebow can't be the Grand Marshal at the Daytona 500 on Thursday because the Daytona 500 is on Sunday. Tebow is not part of the Daytona 500; he is grand marshal of one of two Gatorade Duels, lightly publicized qualifying races. Probably the biggest publicity they will get this years is in the fact that Tebow will be there. Saying Tebow is going to be grand marshal of the Daytona 500 when he is going to be grand marshal of one of the Gatorade Duels is like saying you had dinner with the president when you actually just had dinner sitting on the couch watching the State of the Union Address on TV!

  5. Tim thats hysterical! Riley Cooper Tweeted that he will going to daytona on thursday too. So maybe the whole team will be there but they focus on the "Tebow" money making name! I wonder why his agent mentioned Tim being in TN when the boy hasnt clearly been in TN practicing that "throwing motion" he's been in Washington, Miami super bowl and parties after the super bowl (which is on sleazy TMz) and now Daytona. I guess he ready. Cant wait for the combine. I hope I get excited watching this one unlike his Ad which I thought was but cheesy.

  6. ^^LOL i saw Riley's tweet as well. Good to know that they're still staying close despite their new paths ahead of them. I also saw the TMZ coverage and cracked up when Tim ignored their questions about the ad.

    As much as I love seeing Tim out and about, I actually was comforted in the original report that he was going to lay low and focus on training until the combine. But, he's gotta do what he's gotta do..and he's headed out to Nashville afterward, so hopefully he'll be ready come Feb. 27 ;)

  7. well hes got the combine and pro day right? then speaking at Limpscomb and then his First and 15 flag football charity event then... and then.. finally combine! Is it me or Tim seems to be less chipper when he gets interviewed like when he was in college. He was so.. happy! now hes got PR reps telling him what to and not say! but hey I guess that what happens when you get big! I think people in Gainesville can just sit back that they got to enjoy TT for 4 years and all free access to take pictures and talk to him. Now that changed. I dont even think he can walk down the street without a shroud of PR reps Agent and his Brothers surrounding him. Oh well

  8. "As much as I love seeing Tim out and about, I actually was comforted in the original report that he was going to lay low and focus on training until the combine."

    Ditto. He badly needs to work on his mechanics, but he's doing everything else EXCEPT that.

  9. @Brooke Absolutely. I was OK with all his engagements, but this Nascar one seems pretentious. I really want him to prove all his critics wrong, considering how his Senior Bowl performance was considered almost a "failure." I really can't endure anymore negativity about his mechanics or about him period, so hopefully, he can get everything he needs to get done before the Combine!

    @Marria I think the Combine comes before Pro Day, Lipscomb and First and 15. Well, I know they at least come before the draft.

    I totally agree. He seems to have gotten a bit more defensive. Which is expected b/c that's the game of PR, i suppose.

    In fact, I hope he's OK because there was a video of him on Youtube walking through the crowd after the Senior Bowl and he and his crew seemed taken aback/angry after what seemed like a fan almost yanked his arm off or said something nasty. Couldn't really tell though. But it just shows how quick the turn-around was after he left Gville. Wow, Timmy is quickly climbing up the steps of the mega-star ladder.

  10. yeah I saw that. Dont get me wrong the Kid is "cute" hes a good species of a young man! but I dont oogle over him like some of the girls I met at Gainesville. They seem to really want this guy! I do like him alot as a Fballer! I like his style I like his game and passion. And it doesnt hurt he seemed very genuine which I dont see often. Once the NFL gets a hold of you I guess its different. It makes me sad if he becomes a Tom Brady like status. Then I know he is totaly not the same Tebow back in UF that eveyone can say " hey Tim can you take a picture with me" he might just say " oh no I cant.. you have to pay for my John Hancock now kid my agent said so"

  11. I love him for the exact reasons, but I don't think he will change into a Tom Brady. I really believe he's one of those rare players that will stay the same regardless of how popular he gets---a genuinely nice guy who works hard. I think he just was just told to put on a thicker skin, b/c like we said, he isn't in Gainesville anymore.

    I hear you...those girls aka "jersey chasers" were everywhere throughout Florida, I can't imagine what he ran into at those Super Bowl parties :P

  12. Like putting a priest at the playboy mansion! yikes! I hope he doesnt change. I guess he has enough support system like his family to keep him grounded and stay "Timmy" Guess we will have to see through out the years!

  13. I think it's smart Tebow is doing all this PR stuff.. because teams are seeing his marketing power.. This is a huge edge Tebow has over other players that could be drafted ahead of him.. he needs to use that to his advantage. Tebow's value isn't his throwing mechanics etc. His value is all his intangibles.. and his popularity is the result of all that.

  14. @coldgator1511:

    "I was OK with all his engagements, but this Nascar one seems pretentious."

    I thought so, too, until I learned that it was a Gatorade-sponsored event. If he's signed on w/them, then this is probably in his contract.

    "He seems to have gotten a bit more defensive."

    To me, that's understandable. Just look at what his life has been like lately: He's gone from being worshipped for 4 years to constantly being criticized for his playing flaws & it's often by people who have had much less football success than he's had already (or none at all). The criticisms of him & his Mom for the FoF ad, w/some even claiming that the Tebows are lying about it all or saying that the commercial is an example of misogynistic violence (those allegations must be infuriating). He's probably putting himself under tremendous pressure to fulfill his other longtime dream of making as much money as possible via football & endorsements to build that charitable empire he's talked about, feeling like many people are depending on him. The stalkerazzi trying to goad him into losing his temper or look foolish on-camera. The ridicule & gay accusations he's endured since the Media Days revelation last year, which keep growing as his fame does. Fans & autograph hounds wanting even more than usual from him b/c he's now a 'Pro'. The strangers who want him to fail & say it to his face when they see him. Getting mocked even by other players at the Senior Bowl. A potential teammate voluntarily publicly insulting him. The various dilemmas he has to deal with b/c of his faith (incl 'jersey chasers'). And probably lots of other BS. I'm guessing his life is, at times, pretty miserable & lonely. He doesn't have much to be smiling about right now.

    @Marria: "Miami super bowl and parties after the super bowl (which is on sleazy TMz)"

    I searched TMZ for any clip of him at a Super Bowl party & couldn't find any. Was this on the tv show?

  15. @Brooke:

    Ahh, I forgot it was a Gatorade-sponsored event. Makes a lot more sense now.

    Oh, no...I totally agree. In someway, I'm glad he's gotten this newfound attitude. I think he should have even had it during his last season at Florida, b/c I know all those smiles and the upbeat persona was probably just a facade considering how much criticism, pressure and drama was already being thrown his way. Although that was before he went pro...so I digress. But now with all these latest accusations/negative statements, I wouldn't be surprise if the pressure he's feeling has intensified. I honestly would like to think he's being put through a test and that he really will have these critics shoving their foots into their mouths by next year.

    But here's a link to the TMZ video: http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=102763612

  16. Thanks for the link, coldgator1511. Today was a particularly bad day for me, so I don't feel like watching Tim get picked on by the TMZ bullies right now, but I'll watch it when I feel better. :)

    "I honestly would like to think he's being put through a test and that he really will have these critics shoving their foots into their mouths by next year."

    I hope so, too. He's making me nervous, though, by not training now. It's only 2 wks until the Combine.

  17. He's been dealing with lots of attention even when he was in highschool. Who knows what really will hold his future. Maybe in a year or even when he gets drafted we will see all these Facebook pages dedicated to liking or hating Tebow will actually be shut down. Less blogging or even his Tebowism site will even be gone. Maybe the Gators will come out with a new star all the collegiates will want to dedicate their after school time too. The criticism left for Tebow will be the NFL network and ESPN and whatever local media sprots news that will cover the team he's going to play for. His millions will help his foundation which I have been supporting in Facebook and Twitter like a proud mother! nothing gets me more than helping kids. And Brook I agree I am nervous too he's not training. But at the Senior bowl which I thought was so wrong of them to do and they showed it on tv.. they had him stand one foot infront of a cyder block when he throws! that degrating to a 2x national champ! but I dont think it worked. His throwing motion is his throwing motion. One NFL "critic" said Intangebles is not enough to win games. So I dont know what these guys are really looking for. Last but not the least one quote I read.... " Despite working with prostyle quarterback coaches, Tebow is expected to show little changes on the field. Coach Urban Meyer said "the guy has a 60 plus percent completion rate. Enhanced, yes. It's not going to be like all of a sudden, 'Look at this guy.' It's going to be Tim Tebow." This article was in August 2009. We'll see... we will see God Bless Tim Tebow and I mean that sincerely

  18. "we will see God Bless Tim Tebow and I mean that sincerely"

    I sincerely hope so. :)

  19. @Brooke: No problem :) I hope you feel better soon!

    I too feel nervous knowing he's hasn't been training, but I guess we can only hope for the best now and see what happens from here.

  20. No I really mean it. lol I do :)