Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tim Tebow at Daytona

"Gentlemen, start your engines!" (or will it be "Gentlemen, giddy up!")

Tim Tebow is at the Daytona 500
as a grand marshal of today's qualifiers/preliminaries. It's a perfectly reasonable honor for him to accept -- contrary to the meme that he was going to lay low. Why should he, coming off the Super Bowl ad? But Twitter reports out of Daytona from Adelson and Goodman and others are that Tebow is not only just talking about the race, but he is also actively avoiding the media. That seems unlike his usual m.o. But it seems like he's having a good time while he's there.


  1. Dan, I had an idea that might be an interesting project. I keep hearing how Tebow's throwing motion is so slow etc etc.. Just because Tebow's throwing motion may appear slow at times on certain passes does not mean this is necessarily true. I would really love to see some video breakdowns of Tebow's passing motion comparing it to other QBs and actually timing them. I would also like to see a comparison to Brett Favre's throwing motion. I think they are identical. Favre may get his out quicker.. but if all Tebow needs to do is quicken his release -- not change it -- that could be a lot less problematic.

  2. He might just be avoiding the media, or limiting their questions to just talking about Daytona & Gatorade, b/c he's there as a Gatorade spokesperson. But I hope this is the start of a new, more guarded attitude towards most of the media. Right now, most of the media is just going to be asking him stupid questions (mechanics problems, Senior Bowl, FoF ad, any gf, etc) & trying for the gotcha moment. Even in the limited questions that were allowed, Todd McShay was mentioned.

  3. More articles on Tim dodging media, not only at Daytona, but at the Super Bowl:

  4. Saw some Video of Tim at Daytons seems like Big Brother Rob is body guard too. Which is a great idea nothing better than family right? Yeah just like the previous post... Tim is not like how he was at college. Since the Ad and Senior Bowl has made our little Timmy very guarded. He has moved from the Sand box to the concrete playground! Its all ESPN's Fault!! haha they hyped him up and they also draged him down! (McShay)!