Friday, February 12, 2010

"Tebow Rule": NCAA Bans Eye-Black Messages

Jeremy Fowler got to this first with the tagline, "The Tebow Rule": The NCAA has banned Bible verses (or words, numbers and logos) from player eye-black.

I can guarantee you that people will call it "The Tebow Rule," and chalk it up as yet another big impact Tim Tebow left on the sport of college football.

I find the new ban itself pretty silly: Did it really hurt anyone to have a Bible verse or a hometown area code or -- god forbid -- a corporate or team logo? If anything, it was interesting.

And, as we have talked about before, it was precisely the Google-fied impact of the "John 3:16" message during the 2008 national title game that inspired Tebow to come back in 2009.


  1. Shouldn't this be called the "Terrelle Pryor Rule".. after all.. everybody kills people... n'stuff....

  2. haha :)

    It is sad though that Tebow will get the blame for this and everyone has forgotten who really made it an issue.

  3. Sorry to burst your bubble Tebow fans, the players at USC set this trend, anyone remember Reggie Bush and the 619. Definitely not the Tim Tebow though, nice try.

  4. We're not the ones who labeled it 'The Tebow Rule'-the article writer, Jeremy Fowler, did. All Reed was saying was that some people were probably going to blame Tebow for this b/c his eye black was so famous & was religious.

  5. I just had an unrelated weird realization... Check out this article...

    What I find so interesting about this is that I believe Walsh also drafted Joe Montana.. and Montana was drafted in the third round and they said he had a weak arm.

    Bill Bellichick has been known to have a strong interest in Tebow and some have even said Bellichick is trying to move up in the draft to ensure he gets Tebow.

    Bill Bellichick drafted Tom Brady in the 6th round.. and Brady was viewed to have a weak arm .

    So I view Brady as Bellichick's Montana and Tebow could very well become Bellichick's version of Steve Young. Only Bellichick can use Tebow as a runner while developing him as a passer, too.

    I am wondering if Bellichick views this the same way. Especially in light of what the guy says in that article. Bellichick may realize he can mold Tebow into the player he envisions Tebow becoming.

  6. Well Reggie is to blame not Tebow! I mean they put code? if he was allowed to put messages on his eye black now I bet it would say " I (heart) Kim" or " Big - Money" Tebow was an exception who wrote meaningful things on his eye black! And if he gets drafted by my most unfavorite team and coach (New England)(Bellichick) I would have to wear my Gator Tee or Hat! when I watch his games on sunday because they would harass me in Ny for wearing a Patriots parapharnelia!!

  7. I mean " I would be harrased by people in NY" Duuhhh

  8. @marria: LOL.

    @Reed: When I saw that article you linked to was by Lombardi, I was reminded of something he said on NFL Access on Thurs that I found intriguing. They were discussing the Seahawks needing to go for a QB w/their 1st round pick (or picks?-I think they said Seattle had 2 1st round picks), b/c Hasselbeck is about 33 & is increasingly injury-prone. Lombardi said that if he were still in the NFL, he'd have someone researching every NFL QB that Pete Carroll had recruited to find out who he might be interested in. Well, Carroll heavily recruited Tebow. USC was Tebow's 3rd choice of school to go to after UF & Alabama. I think it would be very bad for Tebow if Carroll drafted him, wanting to turn him into a conventional player. I don't think that would work.

    Btw, Thurs Lombardi said Tebow should go in the 2nd round. Charles Davis says he'll go in the 1st round.

  9. Great info Brooke. I love all the draft gossip. :)

    One thing to keep in mind.. when Tim was being recruited he was being recruited by Alabama who also had a pro style offense. If he gets with someone that can actually teach him how to be a pro style QB I think he would be fine. I don't think teaching fundamental QB skills was Meyer's and Mullen's strength and they also didn't have the personnel to make that kind of system work -- no true runningbacks.

    This is what people don't realize about Tebow at Florida. The reason he had to run so much for the Gators is because he had to fill the role of the primary runner because the Gators weren't strong in that position. True runners didn't want to play in Meyers system for the exact same reason Tebow is being questioned because he played in it.

  10. "I love all the draft gossip."

    Me, too. :)