Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sam Wyche Loves Tim Tebow

"If this guy can't be a starting quarterback in the NFL then I was in the wrong profession for a lot of years."

-- Sam Wyche, former NFL coach, NFL QB guru and current member of Tebow's NFL-prep posse.

Gary Shelton has a great column in today's St. Pete Times featuring Wyche and Wyche's take on Tebow. Needless to say: It's all positive. Per Shelton:

Wyche admits that if he knew nothing more than what he was seeing on film, that would concern him. As it is, Wyche thinks Tebow will quickly overcome his flaws in the manner that former NFL star Randall Cunningham did when he came out of college with his own awkward delivery.

"Boy, he worked hard at it. He could tell when he tried and it wasn't right. He was coaching himself."

The "franchise re-boot" storyline continues.


  1. Ungodly biased source. But it's good to hear people saying he can make it.

  2. I'm not trying to be argumentative Jeff... but it's funny you would consider him biased when guys like Todd McShay and Mel Kiper work for ESPN and seem to be creating drama more than anything.

    After all.. how many times have you seen ESPN harp on the incredible Todd McShay's and Mel Kiper's OPINION.. and how many times have you seen them consult Tony Dungy -- a championship winning NFL coach.. or Jon Gruden who says Tebow is good enough to throw at ANY level? They completely IGNORED the fact that these guys have said Tebow IS good enough and have instead focused on these ESPN toadies?

  3. @ReedRichards

    Umm, I can't see any other way to take it other than you being argumentative here. If you disagree that Sam Wyche is biased then make that argument. Otherwise you're just making an argument against something I never said.

  4. Your comment implies that Wyche would be more biased than any other person we have heard from.. otherwise what is the point of mentioning that Wyche is biased? Or do you say that about everyone that comment son Tebow's abilities?

    Considering Wyche is an ex NFL coach that chose to help Tebow of his own volition he would seem to have less of a stake (and more qualified) than others who claim Tebow isn't an NFL QB in order to generate a story.

  5. My recommendation is to take my posts at face value. No need to read any deeper into it.

  6. Why wouldnt he praise his craft? thats like my mother telling me I sucked! c'mon Its hard for me to use my intellegence on this. Its Black and White. He's not going to talk smack on Tebow. Why would he? It's totally PC you keep your real comment to your student and away from the media so they can say " see Tebow sucks like I told you" If Parcell's said Tebow sucked then thats a different story. Like I said this post " it is... what it is"

  7. You guys are looking at this all wrong. This guy is a friend of Tony Dungy who was recommended to help Tebow.

    Why would someone stake their reputation on Tebow if he was as bad a NFL QB candidate as people pretend he is? It makes no sense.

    Just as Tony Dungy and Jon Gruden wouldn't be publicly praising Tebow as they have. It's much easier to say Tebow won't make it because few college QBs do make it.

  8. Wow, this quote from Wyche:

    "He's as smart as anyone. I was around Montana and Boomer, and they would be at the top of the list of understand theory coming out of college. They understood concepts. This guy is right with them. I hope he gets a good coordinator and a good quarterback coach. If not, he'll be smarter than they are."