Wednesday, February 3, 2010

NFL Tebow Meets Malcolm Gladwell

On Thursday night, Malcolm Gladwell will be speaking at Varsity Letters, the monthly sportswriting reading series I founded four years ago, since under management from the brilliant folks at Gelf Magazine.

In advance of that event, Gelf did an interview with Gladwell and the topic of Tim Tebow came up. When asked how he thought Tebow would do in the NFL, here's how Gladwell responded:
The answer is that we don't know how he'll do: The lesson of past quarterback performance is that college performance, and NFL estimation of the value of college performance, aren't terribly reliable guides to pro performance. My guess is that if Tebow were drafted by the Jets or a team like that, he'd look good. And if he were drafted by the Raiders, he'd look bad.
See the whole interview here. Don't forget to see Gladwell's original New Yorker article on the factors that go into estimating performance.


  1. Reading articles today I see Peyton Manning is pitching Tebow again. I wonder if Manning is afraid Tebow will go to the Patriots behind Brady and will punish the Colts like Tebow has been punishing Tennessee in college the past several years? I think a lot of teams would be wise to take Tebow just to prevent Bellichick from getting him. Because if he gets him it could be all over for another mammoth Patriots run for many years to come.