Thursday, February 25, 2010

NFL Tebow: Just Get Through Pro Day

When Chris from Smart Football spends a little time on Tebow, it's worth clipping for you:
Tebow is changing his release. I’m fine with this: it needed to be done, it appears (from the few clips I’ve seen) that he’s getting good coaching and things are improving, and if he didn’t the story threatened to derail him from getting drafted at all. And most importantly, if it works, he should be a better quarterback. Two points. One, realistically, Tebow just has three timelines with all this. The first is his pro day. If he can improve enough there to get drafted somewhere, then that’s a major hurdle. And then guess what? He has a long time to work on these mechanics and get better — his next two deadlines would be (a) preseason when he might play a bit, and (b) the eventual day he would get in a regular season game, which might be years hence. So while this overhaul requires a quick turnaround for his pro day, it is just one day and involves throwing in a controlled environment to receivers he knows, like Riley Cooper. (Of course, this fact that Tebow needed to learn to play pro quarterback is why I said he should have gone pro last year and sat the bench working on these mechanics all year.)
I totally agree with Chris on the idea of hurdles: Once he's on a pro team, he has months -- if not YEARS -- to develop, under what would ideally be expert NFL coaching.

Because of the duality of both the reality and perception that Tebow is improving and the fact that his Pro Day is under very carefully curated conditions, I think that his stock goes up and the meme out of Pro Day is: "He looks good enough! So how high can he go?"

Chris has more on the ridiculous "blame Meyer" meme, and it's worth a read. Chris has no axe to grind and pretty plainly tells it like it is about Tebow's mechanical flaws at Florida.

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