Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Meyer's Role In Tebow's Mechanics

I cannot stand this latest meme that somehow Urban Meyer is at fault for the need for Tim Tebow to rework his mechanics for the NFL. I don't even want to go on at length about it, because it is so ludicrous. I'll leave it to Mike Bianchi, who does a terrific job debunking the argument.


  1. Two points:

    1. I think it's very possible this "throwing motion" nonsense is just nonsense. It could be that Meyer didn't want to mess with it in colelge because Tebow had enough on his plate already and the motion was working for him in college so why do it.

    2. IF the throwing motion issue IS a big deal and it prevents Tebow from being drafted in the first round by any team other than Jacksonville for money reasons.. then I do think it is Meyer's fault.

    Tebow was playing as backup his entire first year for the Gators.. that should have been the perfect time to overhaul Tebow's throwing motion. IF Meyer didn't have the right personnel to do that then it IS his fault IMO. Why shouldn't he take responsibility for that?

  2. Oh, and it could have nothing to do with the NFL.

    Having a better throwing motion could have helped Tebow in college just as much as in the pros. But I think few people can know that for certain except people who are unbiased and have experience as a QB or QB coach -- certainly not the media.