Monday, January 4, 2010

Top Tebow: Should Sugar Bowl Crash List?

It's worth asking: Given Tim Tebow's record-setting, career-capping performance in the Sugar Bowl, should that game be included in his "Top 10 Tebow Moments" list?

Here is the reason it should: Statistically, it was his best game ever -- career highs in passing yards and completions, a BCS bowl record for total yards, a Sugar Bowl record for consecutive passes, and absolute dominance. There was also the notion that this happened in his final game.

On the other hand, it was an exhibition game -- look, I was thrilled to see Tebow and the rest of the team play without the weight of the world on their shoulders, but it was more of a reminder of just how trudging the season was for them. And Cincy's D was worse than any Florida saw in the SEC.

It was a wonderful game and a wonderful moment -- undoubtedly, one of the Top 10 games of his career. But not quite a Top 10 moment.

(If anything, my biggest regret from the Top 10 list was not including the 4th quarter of the 2008 SEC Championship Game, which wasn't just Tebow's first come-from-behind win, but the finest performance of his career. I might just adjust the list for that, perhaps combining his original college commitment and his senior year "re-commitment" into one item.)

But make no mistake: The Sugar Bowl performance was a joy to watch, and -- short of an appearance in the national title game -- a fitting final performance.


  1. I believe that the Gators could have performed this well in the SEC championship if they had a better offensive coordinator. I think the Gators would have adjusted IN game to Bama because really that's what they did against Cincinnati in the Sugar Bowl. It was just way to late. Cinci tried to play Tebow the way Bama did and didn't expect Tebow and the Gators to play so well against the same defensive scheme.

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