Friday, January 22, 2010

Tim Tebow's Private Tennessee Workouts

Tim Tebow has one of the most important events of his professional life next week -- his public debut for NFL scouts and coaches (not to mention the draftnik-industrial complex) in Mobile, Alabama, at the Senior Bowl.

In preparation, Tebow has been working out at D1 Sports Training, a facility in Franklin, TN. He has not had any media availability, but a new report today has a couple of very interesting details.

Kudos to Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean for doing some sleuthing and getting a couple of peripheral reports from Tebow's workouts.

The money quote, from Kurt Hester, who runs the training at D1:

I told him when he came in, this place is not for everybody. We are that blue-collar facility, we work. And he has not skipped a beat. He is not a prima donna. He does not complain.

He has a stronger arm than I thought he would. You hear different things, but he has a ton of velocity on the ball.

When they see him in person, how he moves and throws, his work ethic at the Senior Bowl, and his passion for the game, I think that is what is going to move him up on the draft.

This guy has fire. He has that Brett Favre fire about him. He has that switch where if you challenge him in any way, you can see it in his eyes, he is ready to compete.'

Wyatt reports that Tebow has been working out with former Georgia and NFL QB Zeke Bratkowski, and former NFL head coach and QB guru Sam Wyche has helped, too.

See that part of Hester's quote I bold-faced above. The absurdly low expectations that have been set out by many NFL scouts and draftniks works in Tebow's favor in one very important way:

He has nowhere to go but up.

When Tebow shows up in Mobile and shows he can make the throws, the scouts will invariably improve their ratings -- again, it's not like they can get much more bearish.

And then you will see the buzz about drafting Tebow explode -- and this is before the interview segment.

I have been saying this for six months: Teams WANT a reason to draft Tebow. They just want to see a glimmer that they can develop him into a full-time NFL QB (or at least see how they can use him creatively).

Some, like the Jags, might take him regardless of scouts' grades. But if even a few scouts come around on him -- as early as next week in Mobile -- he will shoot up draft boards on the merit of his skills... and not just as some anomaly to Jacksonville.


  1. I agree. I think Tebow deserves to be drafted highly on his talent alone, it's no fluke what he as able to accomplish in his College career, and talent played a huge part.

    Having said that, i've always thought that if a team is unsure about drafting him, once they see him workout be it at the combine/pro day or senior bowl, combined with interviews, they will be sold!

  2. "the draftnik-industrial complex"

    LOL. Great term.

    This news if typical, though: Tim being Tim. His work ethic & determination are admirably insane.