Friday, January 1, 2010

Tim Tebow's Final Game Day

"It will be hard, probably, taking that uniform off for the last time. Just knowing it is my last time to play for Coach Meyer and to play as a Florida Gator. And we do want to finish this thing the right way."

And it will be hard for fans to watch Tebow walk off the field for the last time, knowing he has played his final snap for Florida. The season isn't ending the way anyone wanted it to, but the opportunity remains to go out a winner, to go out a bowl champ and to finish in the Top 3.

More later: What eye-black will Tebow wear? (My bet: John 3:16, same as last year's national title game.) How opened up will the offense be? How much fun will Tebow and his teammates let themselves have? Will Thom Brenneman be doing the game for Fox?

Final word to Tebow:

"I think that I kind of have mixed feelings. Finishing up the last game means starting a new chapter and closing another. I’ve always had a dream of playing quarterback in the NFL. It’s a new challenge, but (I am) leaving something that’s extremely special and something that will always be a part of me at the University of Florida. It’s very exciting on one hand, but very tough on the other."

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