Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tim Tebow Time On Facebook?
(Or: Can Tebow Help Haiti Relief?)

I just got an email from a regular reader asking whether Tim Tebow might use his influence to rally people to support relief efforts in Haiti.

It's a great idea (and totally in line with Tebow's personality), but it begged an interesting observation:

Mainly because of the way Florida kept access to Tebow tightly controlled, now that he is an independent pro, he has no direct relationship with fans.

No Facebook page. No Twitter profile. No Web site.

Unrelated to the tragedy in Haiti, now is the time for Tebow to build that direct connection. (It is possible he is waiting until he hires a marketing firm to do it.)

For better or worse, look at how the Facebook presence became the primary way that Sarah Palin went from inaccessible politician to someone who can communicate directly with people.

Now, being an athlete isn't quite the same as being a politician or political commentator. But look at the way other athletes have gotten on to Facebook and Twitter: It's the future.

I totally understand why Tebow was not on Facebook or Twitter while he was in college. (And goodness knows how many fake accounts and tribute accounts were set up.)

But now that he is no longer a student or a representative of the University of Florida, he is free to build that direct relationship with fans they obviously want -- and that he might want, too.

Using that platform to ask his fans to support relief efforts in Haiti is just an immediate implication.

(FWIW, my wife and I just made a donation to Doctors Without Borders, but there are plenty of worthy organizations out there who can help.)


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