Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tim Tebow: EA NCAA Football 2011 Cover?

Of all of Tim Tebow's potential endorsement deals -- Nike, Gatorade -- the most obvious one was that he would be on the cover of EA's NCAA Football 2011. In fact, I predicted it here a year ago, complete with fake cover:

Although Sports Business Journal couches it in terms of "there is talk that he could be close to a deal," this is so obvious that the announcement itself will be a mere formality, whenever it happens. As will the deals with Nike, Gatorade and all the rest.

(Hey: I got to cover to the EA NCAA Football 2010 release event a year ago.... maybe I'll get to go this year and actually ask Tim a question myself.)

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  1. NCAA Football 11 is out now. I get my rosters from NCAA Football 11 Rosters. Where are you getting yours?