Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tebow Super Bowl Ad: Money Seals Deal?

Earlier today, a TV industry exec emailed me making the good point that the Super Bowl broadcast isn't sold out and that CBS might be more inclined to take Focus on the Family's ad featuring Tim Tebow -- and their money -- than CBS would if there was a feeding frenzy by advertisers for game slots.

Then I just saw a tweet from Brooks of Sports by Brooks, who talked to another exec who did nothing to make me think that money wasn't a factor:
I talked to a high-ranking network exec (not CBS) on why CBS cleared Tebow ad: "It's a money decision & Tebow's presence gives them cover."
That may very well be true. It certainly rings true. Everyone's using everyone: Yup, sounds like business.


  1. Like the idea of the ad or not. Its got more hype than any other ad and that means to CBS at this point... more audience!!!

  2. Tim has every right to speak his mind and associate with whomever he choses. Even on national tv, even during the Super Bowl.

    However, if he's going to associate and promote Focus on the Family, he went from well meaning Christian kid to right wing a-hole.

    As I recall, plenty of people asked Obama about Rev Wright when Wright's past statements came to light. And Obama disowned him. Dobson and FoF has much more influence than Wright ever will. A journalist should ask Tim if he agrees and supports the teaching of FoF and Dobson.

    So Dan, how about you?

    I'm sure I'm not the only consumer who would be interested if, say, McDonalds newest spokesman through homosexuality was a curable disease.

  3. "So Dan, how about you?"

    I'm with Easy on this one. I am bit unsettled by Tebow's decision to align with FoF, but I find Shanoff's refusal to acknowledge the real issue at hand very troubling. Isn't this your job? You tried to justify your evasion of the issue by saying that sports and politics shouldn't mix, therefore (as a 'sportswriter', I presume) you get a 'free pass' from engaging Tebow with the issues or addressing them on your blog. But Tebow is actively pushing religious politics into sports with this commercial, and as a man who runs a site chronicling all things Tebow, you have an obligation to address this. There is a ginormous pink (or 'orange and blue') elephant in the room. Your credibility is suffocating beneath it.