Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tebow Senior Bowl: Let's Move On...

OK, so while Senior Bowl week was jam-packed with storylines and excitement, the game...? Um, not so much. In fact, it might qualify as Tim Tebow's worst game ever.

Obviously, part of it was the hodge-podge context, but it was what it was. The McShays of the world will gleefully point to it; Tebow-backers will (rightfully) mitigate it.

The point of Tebow participating in the Senior Bowl wasn't the Senior Bowl itself -- as I'm sure the sell-out crowd figured out pretty quickly. The point certainly wasn't to impress NFL scouts.

The point was to get a week of NFL coaching and to show that Tebow is willing to do whatever it takes to get better. That has nothing to do with scouts' analysis and nothing to do with the game itself.

What next from here? A few weeks of under-the-radar training in Tennessee or back in Florida, gearing up for the next stage of this: The NFL Combine in late February.

Of course, in the meantime, it's not exactly like Tebow will be off the radar. There is that little Super Bowl commercial that will keep Tebow very much in the conversation.


  1. Tebow didn't have a great performance (but neither did the other QBs on the South team) but some of it had to do with how awful the O-line was. He had practically no time at all. But like you said the game wasn't important at all.

  2. I'm hoping that the result of such a bad SB game by Tim will be that he'll only get drafted by a team that specifically wants Tim-warts & all-& not just b/c they need a QB or want to use him as a gimmick to sell tickets.

    Here's a link to a great video pointing out that as recently as Tebow's high school senior year, he had more of an NFL-type delivery. His current delivery is apparently something he's mostly learned in college. If he can learn it, he can unlearn it:

  3. I was watching Brett Favre pass in slow motion in an NFL game recently and his throwing motion was IDENTICAL to Tebow's.. then, awhile after that I saw someone on Twitter make the same observation about Favre's throwing motion as I did! I sure wish someone in the media would point this out!

  4. I am currently a grad student at UF about to graduate (been here 4 years) and so I am a diehard Tebow/UF fan to say the least. In fact I really admire TT and he's made my time at Florida a blast (I really could not have asked for a better experience as a sports fan). However, needless to say I was very disappointed with yesterdays results and it only confirmed my worse fears..... Last year during spring practice I went to most of the Gator football practices. What stood out is that they were practicing out of the I-formation ("pro-style" offense) quite a bit. What stood out even more, however, was how much of a hard Tim was having with that offense. From my rough estimate, he was fumbling probably about 40-50% of the plays from that formation. At that time I did not think much of it. I thought they probably just started working on it and he needed more time and would inevitably get better, because, "Tim is Tim". However, my eyebrows were raised when I noticed they barely ran it during the CFB season, and after seeing him struggle in the senior bowl, I am afraid my worse fears come true. It appears that Tim Tebow cannot run a pro-style formation, which to the lay person seems so simple. How can it be that one of the best players in CFB cannot take simple snaps from under center? Am I missing something? Does anyone else have any thoughts? I'd love to hear them and maybe cheer myself up to think TT will only get better....

  5. Tony - I've never played football but going from what I know/think I'd say there is no need to worry. He improved this week alone (whilst being sick no less) and under center is a completely new thing for him. As you said it seems like it would be really simple but you have to remember that it's a totally different style of play. It's like in tennis when you see players come to the net and fail miserably. It seems so simple to be that close to the net and make a shot but it's a completely different type of game. And like many people have said: the game really doesn't mean anything, it was the week of practice before hand that mattered and by most accounts Tim improved. He has plenty of time to work out the kinks from here to the draft and I trust that he will.

    And I apologize for this getting to be such a novel but I'm already tired of hearing this 'pro style offense' stuff. There is no doubt that Tim has to work on some mechanical stuff including his footwork and release time, and he has to get better under center. But people (ESPN, blogs etc) are acting like teams play STRICTLY from under center and that's not the case. Plenty of quarterbacks use the shotgun position.

  6. "Tony" I wouldn't worry about it. Tim's hands measured as the largest set of hands for QB's at the SB so I don't think he will have a problem with handling the ball under center. He just needs some more practice at it.

    That's not the major concern however. Taking snaps is a childish thing that you can train a monkey to do.

    It's his arm (accuracy and motion), footwork, and decision making that are troubling to scouts. If you want to worry about something worry about those things.

    I think those things can be worked out as well. It's just clear now that it will take time as a project for him to succeed, but with his determination and work ethic I think he will succeed. Tim really does need to sit a year or two.

  7. I hope people are aware that there is a LOT of weird stuff that goes on in the internet... I have noticed a very big trend of people pretending to be Tebow fans or fans of some one or something they aren't and then trashing them to make it look like a legitimate claim.

    So please take all "personal accounts" with a gain of salt.. because someone could be trying to prevent Tebow from being drafted by their team...

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  9. TOTALY off the topic of football. TT Ad makes me wonder as a Filipino decent and also have countless Aunts and Uncle's who are doctors in the Philippines. They all heard me talk about TT in my facebook and they all unanimously agree and said "Abortion in illegal in the Philippines no matter what region and no one would ever perform it" so are the Tebow's really telling me a sincere story here? I also had the Ameoba when i was little in the Philippines and I thought I was going to die! But I wasnt preganant like his mom though.

  10. I am not sure on the details of this but this is a rebuttal to Gloria Allred I found here...

    No, the info you parroted from Allred, Jacobson, etc., is bogus. Pam Tebow is not the joke. Folks lying through the teeth to slam her are the joke- they make themselves look deceitful, spiteful, vindictive, etc., by stooping this low to resort to character assassination over an ad they have no idea what it says.

    Here’s the lie: “There are no exceptions to Filipino abortion law.”

    Here’s the rebuttal:

    “although the Penal Code does not list specific exceptions to the general prohibition on abortion, under the general criminal law principles of necessity as set forth in article 11(4) of the Code, an abortion may be legally performed to save the pregnant woman’s life.2 A decision of the Supreme Court also impliedly recognized abortion to save the mother’s life.3 The United Nations recognizes that abortion in the Philippines is permitted only in instances in which the pregnant woman’s life is endangered.”

    Like I said there is zero evidence Pam Tebow lied.

    But you, Jacobson, Allred, all the diehard abortionisd propagandaists have exposed yourselves as the ones lying.

    Shame on you for this tactic.

    Comment by Punisher — January 29, 2010 @ 11:29 pm

  11. Ok, not to nit-pick (because I feel the larger argument itself is a bit unnecessary), but the 'rebuttal' posted above does not actually make the point it claims to make. Mrs. Tebow's story (at least, the version I've heard) asserts that the abortion was recommended due to a potentially-damaged fetus that, if carried to term, could be stillborn or born disabled. Her life was not in danger -- when she was sick early in her pregnancy, the medicine they treated her with (that cured her illness) is what posed the risk to unborn Timmy. So, yes, there is one exception to the Filipino abortion law, but it would not have applied to Mrs. Tebow. (Of course, this is only a valid point if I have the facts straight regarding her pregnancy and treatment, etc.)

  12. So then why is Tim Tebow applauding his mother's courage to go ahead with the delivery if she wasn't in danger? That doesn't make sense...

  13. Thank you Pam Tebow for the gift of Tim. He is an inspiration to us all and had given us tremendous joy and pride here at Florida for his outstanding accomplishments in college football and for his exemplary character and public service. Thank you Pam for choosing Life.

  14. Al, Both points are true. Tim could have had permanent damage due to the medicine AND her life was in danger if she chose to carry the baby to term. She had to stay in bed for almost the entire pregnancy. The point that he may have permanent damage or be still born was just an extra point the doctors made in encouraging the abortion.

    And another point to the ridiculous argument that she is lying because abortion is illegal in the Philippines: THE DOCTORS KNEW THAT SHE WAS AN AMERICAN CITIZEN - SHE COULD EASILY HAVE COME BACK TO THE STATES TO HAVE IT DONE.


    Thank you for posting this, Jennifer. It's such an obvious point, I've been amazed that this never occurred to those who are accusing the Tebows of lying.

    So much hysteria over an ad that NOBODY'S SEEN...

  16. Jennifer: Thanks for clarifying, and also for making the point about her being able to return to the US. I hadn't thought of that, and she never said the Filipino doctors offered to *perform* the abortion, they merely advised it. And I never got the impression she was accusing them, rather pointing out that (many? some? all?) doctors assess pregnancies from a strictly medical angle, rather than a personal-spiritual angle, and it wasn't about medicine to her...?

    ReedRichards: I think even if Mrs. Tebow's life wasn't technically in danger, Tim is still right to praise her courage. Personally, I don't know which is worse: carrying a pregnancy to full term knowing your life is in danger, or carrying one to full term knowing that you might deliver a stillborn. I've never been pregnant, but I imagine that (for those who want to be pregnant, at least) it is an awesome but overwhelming experience. The trauma of delivering a baby that is not alive, with the mother 'surviving' but having to recover and move on with her life...totally courageous. I know someone who went through this. It broke her. It crushed her husband, but it really, really broke her. The recovery path required psychological, physical/medical, spiritual, and emotional healing. Knowing that this was the risk, Pam Tebow faced it anyway. Whether or not all women should have the legal right to make that decision for themselves is another thing, but it absolutely cannot take away from the courage of Mrs. Tebow's choice.