Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tebow Senior Bowl Gameday Reads

With a couple of hours until the kickoff of the Senior Bowl -- either Tim Tebow's last-last-last game as a collegian or his first-first-first game as a pro (or something in-between) -- here are a couple of things that have been published over the last 24 hours that are worth a read:

*Time for Tebow to shine (Robbie Andreu, G'ville Sun)

Terrific, personal insight from Tebow's hometown beat writer.

An analyst who actually builds a case for Tebow's success as a QB, rather than a knee-jerk summary judgment that he can't be.

A little too self-indulgent (pot, meet kettle!), but the point is well-taken.

Did people really think the Tebow Super Bowl ad would go unnoticed?

*The origin of Tebow's long wind-up (Jeremy Fowler, Orlando Sentinel)

Great back-story on Tebow's mechanics -- the crux of the criticism against his NFL potential.

Good analysis of both sides of the debate over Tebow's NFL potential as a full-time QB.

*Tim Tebow, the Movie (Ben Volin, Palm Beach Post)

I'll see it.

Those are about Tebow in the Senior Bowl and/or his NFL stock after this week. (Did I miss any good ones in the last 24 hours? Shoot me an email at the address on the upper-right.)

Then there are the many, MANY things that have been published about the Super Bowl ad. I'm going to have a larger round-up of them next week -- if you thought the attention given to it last week was crazy, just wait until we get closer to the game.

In the meantime, if you really need your fix of Tebow Super Bowl ad opinions, try this piece from Jason Fagone from Slate: The real meaning of Tim Tebow's Super Bowl ad. It definitely has a point of view, but it's not far off from the end of my post from the other day, talking about the SB ad as the ultimate extension of the "John 3:16" revelation the Tebows had in the 2008 national title game about Tebow's potential for influence as a college football superstar.

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