Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Senior Bowl Tebow: Progress, Day 3, SB Ad

Pretty interesting day yesterday for Tim Tebow, leading into today's practice at the Senior Bowl:

*On the field, he had a better day on Tuesday than Monday -- unsurprising, because this process is going to be all about the learning curve. And from all accounts, Tebow keeps moving up:

On Tuesday, he did not have issues taking snaps and set up well in his drop. When he rolled out to his left or right, he set himself before throwing and was typically on target. However, it took him too long to set and throw on the move. It was obvious he worked on shortening his delivery, but he fell back into old habits as the practice went on, winding up and allowing cornerbacks to jump out routes.

Tebow displayed nice touch on deep balls and the zip down the seam that he has always had. When he held onto the ball too long or faced pressure, however, Tebow made bad decisions, throwing two near-interceptions that bounced off the chest of South Carolina linebacker Eric Norwood and the hands of Miami middle linebacker Darryl Sharpton.

*Is Tebow a fit for the Wildcat? Jeremy Fowler has a reported analysis, but it begs the question whether a team (besides Jacksonville) would use a 1st-round pick on a part-time QB (although the presumption is that they would simultaneously try to develop him into a starter). Also, they will have to out-pick the Jaguars for him, meaning it would have to be a team in the Top 9 (like the Bills) or trade up (unlikely, given the cost of trading up into the Top 10).

*There was the whole "View" thing, where Joy Behar decided to have a lamentably unnuanced opinion about Tebow doing the Focus on the Family ad. Dr. Saturday has a good take.

*In fact, the ad IS becoming a bigger issue, between yesterday's news that women's groups are going to protest it to today's column from USA Today's sports media reporter FINALLY writing about it. (The top CBS sports exec reflected the ad's divisiveness by totally ducking it when speaking to the media.)

*Chris Mortenson had this to tweet: "If anyone thinks Tebow is going to compromise his beliefs for marketers, they're badly mistaken." (Nothing that would surprise anyone who has followed Tebow.)

*Jack Del Rio weighed in. (Covered here.)

*Check out this interview Tebow did with the NFL Network group. It was a given that he would be able to ace interviews with teams and the media -- this is a pretty good representative sample.


  1. I don't get people are asking CBS to take down the ad. Whether or not you like Focus on the Family or not, they paid for their ad, the other groups could do the same.

  2. I'm Pro-Choice, a staunch believer and supporter of the first amendment and raging Tebow fan. The ad should run. Period. Those organizations with an opposing view and the resources should consider running an ad.

    Plenty of people who are morally opposed to the consumption of alcohol tune in to watch the Super Bowl and I don't recall seeing bastions of conservatives banning the game because of the Bud Bowl commercials. (Or did I miss this because I was too busy enjoying the game AND the commercials?)

  3. I suspect there are more people on the Pro-Choice side of the issue who would agree w/Ana Margarita than would agree w/the groups trying to get the ad pulled. I also think that CBS still might pull the ad. It doesn't sound like they've seen it yet, so CBS can always say that they didn't like the final ad itself.