Monday, January 25, 2010

Senior Bowl Tebow: Peter King Approves

From today's "Monday Morning Quarterback" column, Peter King talks about Tebow -- including a conversation he had with Tebow directly:

We in the media business are going to spend the next three months writing the Tebow story into the ground, but there are good reasons for it. He's had unparalleled college success, he's a too-good-to-be-true kid by all accounts, and he's a polarizing football prospect because there's great debate whether his mechanics and arm will allow him to be an every-down NFL quarterback.


Tebow will wow everyone he meets one-on-one in Mobile and at the Scouting Combine next month with his poise, presence and humility. That you know, obviously. When I asked about one of the biggest faults NFL scouts find with him -- his elongated throwing motion -- he said it's something scouts also said about Brett Favre and Philip Rivers when they were prospects, and it hasn't seemed to hurt them. Then he said: "I've been training every day since the Sugar Bowl. Every day. And that's one of the things I've been working diligently on. I think the scouts and coaches will see it's something I've improved on.''

Tebow wants to open himself up totally, beginning this week. He wants to show every team in the league everything he can do physically and mentally, and he wants to begin to prove he's not a one-trick pony -- a triple-option quarterback who loves to bowl over linebackers and make weird jump passes and other counter-NFL-culture plays.

"I want to show, number one, that I'm a competitor and I'm not afraid for teams to see everything about me. My goal is to find just one team, one out of 32, to believe in me as a quarterback. I'm not just the guy who can play in the spread offense, or throw a jump pass or run the triple option. I'm a football junkie. I study it all the time. I've studied every type of offense -- pro style, West Coast. Just because I haven't played every kind of offense, why can't I? Why can't I run the West Coast? My coaches at Florida didn't just teach us a system. They taught us football. So I want the NFL people to put me through everything. Grind on me, test me. I feel I've worked my whole life to prepare for this.''

Tebow will excel when NFL teams (mostly at the combine in Indianapolis, but some in Mobile) get him up on the board and start talking specific plays with him. He'll need to prove he can be an accurate downfield passer and that he isn't totally reliant on running to be a good quarterback. I asked what he'd do if a team wanted him to be a versatile player instead of an every-down quarterback.

"It's a possibility,'' he said, "but I'm trying to get someone to believe in me as a quarterback.''

I expect he'll do that.

Remember that King has been promoting Tebow the past few weeks -- but still only has him rated as a player to go in the early 2nd round. What I really want to see is King work his sources to confirm the theory that the Jags are taking Tebow at No. 10 and that's that.


  1. But when Tim is drafted early in the 3rd round, will the Dude, I mean King, abide?

  2. tim tebow walks into a hotel, lays three nails on the counter, and asks the innkeeper, "can you put me up for the night?"

  3. Steve Young didn't excel until he worked under Bill Walsh and at the side of Joe Montana. BUT HE DID! Trouble is, all we have in much of the NFL these days are coaches unable to coach up young talent. I'm not saying TEBOW is anything but a college player right now. I AM saying there aren't many coaches out there who could teach him the right way. It's more an indictment of NFL's "play now and know the pro game when I meet you" system than a question of whether an exceptional athlete can learn some comparatively simple processes to adequately perform their duties.

  4. To Calvin, this isn't learning how to shift the ball for one arm to another for a running back. These are basics that quarterbacks need to know to be successful. Combine that with the speed of NFL defenders, and he doesnt have the leeway to learn how to " adequately perform their duties". He's 5 steps behind Sanchez, let alone top flight quarterbacks.

  5. Jacksonville drafting Tebow, as a quarterback, would be a good, perhaps a very good, public relations move with positive financial possibilities for a failing franchise.

    Grooming him to actually play quarterback would be an even better PR move. Expect Tebow to be drafted by Jacksonville in the 2nd round. I'd be amazed if anyone else was terribly interested.

    I wouldn't be amazed if Tebow actually managed to become a decent NFL quarterback but I'd be surprised.

    P.S. I hope he at least learns to stop wearing those damn bible references on his eyeblack because they are annoying.

  6. Wow! Not one quote about God??? What's up with that?

    Prediction? Some cellar-dweller picks him up in the third round. He plays a bit on special teams..get's relegated to the scout team by mid-season...gets cut in 2011....goes to Canada for a few years..and then quits football to spread the WORD.

    You heard it here first.

  7. Kadoza,

    Don't forget that your boy Sanchez had numbers comparable to Jamarcus Russell in his rookie year. In fact, Jamarcus threw less interceptions and also had more rushing yards. That may keep you up at night.
    Tebow will be a solid QB. He has the drive and intelligence to get him to that next level. Everyone said Drew Brees was too short to be a good QB, 5'11", and he seems to be playing in a SuperBowl in the next couple weeks. You can not take away from intangibles and drive. They are truly what makes a GREAT football player. And Tebow has those

  8. It always seems so odd to me that people who've never played in the NFL think Tebow will never make it, but people who have not only played, but were winners, in the NFL tend to think highly of Tebow's chances. But I guess envious, self-important couch potatoes know best...

  9. Massive, massive bust... On par with Pamela Anderson in the BUST department... Such a massive bust that it makes even Dolly Parton jealous.

  10. To Brook:
    After reading all of the above posts, I think you definitely reduced the subject to the main issue: many are simply jealous of other's success.
    To Alencon:
    I'm sorry that you feel bible references are "annoying" to you. It's disappointing as well that you chose to use profanity to describe those verses.

  11. to the person who said Jamarcus russell threw less INT's than sanchez did...thats only because he sucked so bad Tom Cable benched him before he could throw any more hahaha. And Mr. Russell also lost wayyyy more fumbles, if you check the stats. Tebow will find a home and by year 3 he should have it figured out.

  12. Although he's a good-natured, compassionate kid - regardless of what I and most others think of his overt Christianity - the bottom line is that Tebow is a left-handed quarterback with a very inaccurate arm and an incredibly slow release. Much slower than Favre or Rivers. He is as slow as Leftwich, but without the massive cannon. Hopefully he figures it out and realizes he could be a productive NFL player if he DOESN'T PLAY QB.

  13. Its funny to come back and read all the "smart" people miss out AGAIN on their hate for all things Tebow. His whole career these haters said he couldn't do this, couldn't do that and every year he went out and won!
    Now as a Pro prospect, he's a 3rd round wash out...well, yet again he's proved 'em wrong! Ah well, it'll give 'em MORE time to hate on a super kid!
    oh, and just because he beats your favorite team, isn't reason he'll fail as a Pro. No, but keep up with the unqualified predictions!...they've been working so well to this point! ha!

  14. I'm not saying I knew two years ago what was going to happen... but it's fun to read these comments in March 2012. Also, great quotes from Tim in that article.