Thursday, January 28, 2010

NFL Tebow: Wildcat or a "Real" QB?

Money passage from Robbie Andreu's comprehensive analysis of the state of Tim Tebow's draft prospects:

Jacksonville Jaguars general manager Gene Smith said Tebow is no different than any other quarterback making the transition from college to the NFL. He needs to be developed, and that probably includes work on his mechanics and other aspects of playing the position.

Smith said Tebow's work ethic, intangibles and passion for the game will play a significant role in his development.

"You talk about Peyton Manning and Drew Brees, coming out of college they were so passionate about competing at the very highest level," Smith said. "No one worked harder than those two. It's not like they had just God-given ability and just stepped out on the field and performed. The honed their skills.

"That's one thing Tim has. He has the mindset of Peyton Manning and Drew Brees from a preparation standpoint. He'll put in the time. How good he becomes, I don't know. I don't have a crystal ball. I do know he's a tremendous competitor who has played quarterback in a great program and he's won national championships. He's certainly showed the ability to lead, and that's the No. 1 thing you have to have in a quarterback."

It's not (just) about Gene Smith laying groundwork for taking Tebow with the 10th overall pick on behalf of the Jaguars. Tons of good stuff in here.


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  2. It really bothers me that Todd McShay and Mel Kiper are just picking Timmy apart. I hope Timmy's not hearing any this.
    There is not a speck of doubt in my mind that Timmy won't be drafted in at least the top 2 rounds as an NFL QB.
    There is nothing that boy can't do. Tell him he can't do something and he'll fight to do it. People have been doubting his skills since high school, and I think he did pretty well in college. Timmy will be a star NFL QB. And he will make every naysayer eat their words.

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  4. "I hope Timmy's not hearing any this."

    I haven't heard what those clowns are saying, but if what they're saying will further motivate Tim, I hope he DOES hear it.