Monday, January 11, 2010

NFL Tebow: Senior Bowl Sales Rep?

Fun data point: The day the news came out that Tim Tebow would participate in the Senior Bowl on Jan. 30 in Mobile, Alabama, game marketers set a new single-day record for ticket sales.

This cannot be more stressed: Whether we are talking about TV ratings or ticket sales or jerseys or endorsement products, Tim Tebow spurs people to spend money.

We knew this at Florida, and it is translating to the pro level with the Senior Bowl. Remarkable, but hardly surprising.


  1. I wonder if Tebow's agent had this planned all along? Remember, Tebow's agent is supposedly the guy that told Kiffin to say the "sing rocky top all night" line. Sexton probably told Tebow to wait to announce his participation knowing it would have just this effect. It DRAMATICALLY shows Tebow's marketing power to prospective teams.

  2. In the same vein, TPTB have decided to include at least some of the footage from the Tebow Cam during the Sugar Bowl on the official DVD of the game. I'm guessing the more Tebow Cam footage they include, the more DVDs they sell.

  3. Tim's impact is not limited to just ticket sales for the Senior Bowl.I bet subscriptions to the NFL network that will televise the game also picked up. I for one had the NFL channel added to my cable service so that I can watch the game on Jan 30th.There is no way, I will miss seeing Tim impress the fans and NFL scouts.Tim, go prove those so called NFL analysts/doubters wrong. Have fun during the game.

  4. I would like to make a point that many Alabama fans (not all) made such ugly comments about the Gators and Tebow - I know I live here, a true Gator out of water. But Tim Tebow comes to the Senior Bowl and we sell out tickets in record tome. It seems Alabama has no problem spending their money on him or allowing him to draw the money into our city.