Tuesday, January 26, 2010

NFL Tebow: Peter King's Draft Pool

A little fun until the afternoon practice starts...

As part of his MMQB column yesterday, Peter King mentioned a Tebow draft pool with some writers he was having dinner with. Here's how it went -- my commentary in italics.

Mike Silver, Yahoo! Sports: Jacksonville
The smartest, safest bet. Where I'd put my money.

Sam Farmer, L.A. Times: St. Louis
Presumably not with the No. 1 overall pick. Top of the 2nd? Won't last that long.

Albert Breer, Boston Globe: Buffalo
At No. 9, just ahead of the Jags? Maybe. But can Tebow play in cold weather and high winds?

Peter King, Sports Illustrated: San Francisco
Not going to happen. We've gone over this already.

Jeff Duncan, New Orleans Times-Picayune: Miami
Not after taking Pat White in the early 2nd last year and Henne as the solid starter.

Alex Marvez, Foxsports.com: Cleveland
With the No. 7 overall pick? No chance. And won't last until Cleveland in Round 2. He's not a Holmgren-type QB, either.

Jeff Darlington, Miami Herald: Tampa Bay
Right: The year after they drafted Josh Freeman? No. 3 overall? Never. Top of the 2nd? Won't be there.

Jason Cole, Yahoo! Sports: New England
You all know this was my pet theory. But the Pats can't afford to ignore their defensive issues, can they? If Tebow is available at No. 22 -- and he might be, if the Jags inexplicably pass at No. 10 -- then Bill Belichick has a big decision to make that violates everything we know about him.

Plus this:

Asked Rick Gosselin, the hugely respected draft/NFL man for the Dallas Morning News who does the best mock draft in our business, for his over/under on the overall pick for Tebow. "Twenty-eight,'' he said.

I will take that under and wonder how good "best" could possibly be if he doesn't recognize the high likelihood of Tebow going to the Jaguars. Gosselin seems to still think the NFL will react rationally about Tebow, as they have about all the other picks in its history.


  1. The draft is soon.... then we can all shut up about what # hes will be in!

  2. Not soon enough. 3 months of all this bickering is going to get annoying. But it will be fun if the 'experts' are proven wrong.

  3. I hope he does. They just said on PTI he will be the next governor of Florida in 20 years. I mean c'mon. He must be realizing that wow... being in college was sweet! I was treated like a King and now I'm in the big bad world it is rough!! He's going thru what we all go through after college and we are thrown out there in the world!

  4. Vikes late in the first... that is all.